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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Now Playing: Paloma Faith - Only Love Can Hurt Like This

So two days ago I made a scene. You were mad at me for not letting go of your phone. You kept asking me why, and as usual, I did not the guts to explain. I packed my stuff and ordered Gojek, you said that that was so typical of me bailing out from problems instead of actually sit and talk about the problems itself.

Here goes the also typical conversation of us:

You asked why I did that, I did not admit that, you laughed cynically and looked like you were frustrated, you then kept asking me again and again, I still did not admit, then you stated the possibilities of my action, I then confirmed it yes or no, baby, I was meant to blabla- and here goes the truth.

I was a tad afraid that you were going to explode, but you hugged me instead and whispered 'malem ini bobok sini aja ya'.

Truth be told, I never expected you would calm me down instead of arguing and yelling because I was so stupidly childish.

I bet you never expected dating a girl like me either, huh?