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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Oh, one of those things you do when you are stupidly in love

Right now, I am currently doing that pain-in-the-ass diet mayo.

Well, I have been cheating a couple of times tho since last week, mainly because my body was shivering and I had that cold sweats and I felt like I was going to pass out. However, I have stuck to the 13 days that feels like 13 years and it will end on this Saturday.

Why, you ask me? Besides the fact that I am gaining weight, the main reason why I decided to do this is because he keeps and keeps calling me fat and miserable. I just want to slap him in the face and I just cannot stand it anymore so I decided to try mayo, eventhough I have a chronic maag and mayo contains a lot of lemon. I am forcing myself to eat the lemon just to add some tastes in the menu. I have to hold my breath everytime I eat the boiled chicken because d'oh I puke easily. But I really want him to stop. I start to respond 'well go look for a skinny bitch then I am sorry I am not satisfying your criteria but I am not sure he takes my statement seriously. For your information, I am dead serious.

It is indeed true that I often joke about his past, but I do not think I ever joke about him at his present condition over and over again like he keeps doing. I say several times that he is shorter than me, but I never say he is miserable for being shorter than me and never rub him about it to his face.

Right now, I caught a sore that is now happening at the office, but my stomach hurts because I never eat properly but I keep on taking the medicine. I really want to eat my comforting food when I am sick, drink medicine, and then fall asleep peacefully. However, these last few nights, the first thought when I woke up is 'duh, not again'. I have eaten only the white eggs and half of the apple because when I tried to eat the boiled chicken, I almost threw up. Blame the illness.

I know I fail this diet, but I have been searching all kind of ways to be skinny without these painful meals. Just to shut him up and be a girl he wants and satisfies with. I even talk to my mom and dad to borrow some money to make it happen.

Oh well, oh well.


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