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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A year has passed

So, basically, I have learned A LOT during 2014 since a lot of things happened that affected my life (more than I let them to). I usually post a quick review of the past year monthly but I just do not have the time (and exact memories) to do so :p

here are the list of things that happened during 2014:

1. Graduated

Yep, yours truly here was officially graduated at Feb 8, 2014 after a long, tiring 3,5 years. A lot of my friends from Jogja were coming to celebrate, but one thing that I hate is my family was running late to the ceremony. They arrived when the ceremony was finished, so asdfghjkl bye.

During the ceremony, I sat beside Vika and trust me, there is no one I'd prefer to sit with. When they sang Gaudeamus Igitur, we both could not stop ourselves from crying. I mean, f-i-n-a-l-l-y! The flashback started to play in my head, and the fact that I sat beside Vika who was also beside me when inauguration period on 2010 made it worse. Never thought that I would really miss all the college times because for the last few months, all I wanted to do was leaving the hell out of UI as soon as possible. Oh, good times... :")

2. Work

When UI announced the official statement for my graduation on January, I started to apply in two offices, Digitized and Mediatrac. From both interviews, I knew I preferred Digitized. So I got in, but I said that I was available on end of Feb because I was going to Malaysia with Vika on mid Feb. I was moving to Kebagusan because the office was located in Arkadia.

Turns out, Digitized was being acquired by Bullseye Digital on the end of March. So I started to work in WTC (oh-that-tall-building) and met a lot of cool people who taught me a lot. I moved to Karet Sawah because the traffic from Sudirman to Kebagusan was such a pain in the ass. Bullseye Digital itself had to move to Jamsostek on August and had to change name into Bambu Digital and also started up its own PT, that will be legal for the next two weeks, but by the time I am writing this post, everything is going well. Thank God :)

Kak Acid, my ultimate mentor, was resigning and the last meeting we had was to review my work. She said that I was good, but I lost my personal touch in deliverables. I mean, I did not give my heart and soul to this job. It is either I lost passion or I am just that 'flat'. Right now, I am currently searching for things that I really like to work at. Or do. Idk.

3. The break-up

Well, where do I start?
2014 should have been the 2nd anniversary of me and Bimo, but we broke up, like we actually was supposed to do long before it. However, the break up was not that dramatic, unlike our 23 months of dating which were sooooo so dramatic. I did not really mess up, unlike my break up with Rizky where I cried myself to sleep every night. Perhaps it is because my feeling towards him was already dead and gone long before the break up time. I asked for a break up a couple of times, 10-15 times during those 18 months. I guess some pieces were never really complete everytime we got back together. We had cold war (he did, I did not tho) months after the break up. However, everything is back to normal right now.

4. The new one

Well, where do I start? (2)
So I met this cute guy whom I never really paid attention at Bullseye. At first, he was the only one who was single but he never really put eyes on me everytime I went to his cubicle to print something. I thought he was gay (wow nara so confident). It all started when Putri, my bestie who used to be SMO at Bullseye, dated this guy who was ex-Bullseye and lived in the same boarding house like Rey and Cecil, my coworkers at Bullseye. We started to go downstair to smoke together when fasting month came. He then asked me to watch How to Train Your Dragon 2, which was NEVER come true. One week, I was planning to 'smoke' at Cecil's room but turned out Cecil was going out so me, Rey, and Putri stayed in Pria's room. We talked about several things, and the day after, me, Rey, Cecil, Pria were going out to Sency to watch .... I honestly forgot what movie :/ we went back to their place, and I... *lost signal*

The point is, I have never expected to meet and be in a relationship with a guy like him.

It is comforting. And scary at the same time.

5. The accident

I had this accident, but for the details you can open a blog from dear beloved bestfriend of mine ; https://dearnara.wordpress.com/ 

Well, overall, 2014 was tough, but hey, I survived! :)


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