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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I cried like a baby when I saw the blog. Anggi and Ukky were shocked because I was crying all of a sudden. Shit, the things you do...

I never expected an accident. Who is? I once  said to Rey 'I wish I never got an accident'. Lets be fair. I got into an accident. It sucks. And you were the one who helped me during my accident.

I never properly thank you for saving me and taking care of me. I was always the one who such a obnoxious, same as your boyfriend, but you mean a lot to me. I am serious when I said I wanted to move in with you and that was a big move to me because I needed my own santuary. But with you I feel at ease because I found a very best friend.
I am sorry for things I did when I got into accident, saliva or something, I am sorry because I am such a bitch and I cannot stop using my poor bestfriend to take care of me.

Fuck. I need to get my shit together and fix my words. I am sorry I am such a mess.

I really cannot afford to lose you. Whos gonna accompany me at lunch or smoking? Whos gonna stay with me at night in the office? Putri, I really hope you'd stay with me at our crappy place together. I found a very bestfriend and I dont care if I'm selfish. You are not allowed to go to Bogor and we'll figure something out.

I know I am rambling and my words arent clear I found a problem in my brain that makes me lose senses of words but I hope that you see what you mean to me.


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