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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

For those of you who think college is not important

This post may sound cynical or something, but just... It is your personal choice to think so, and it goes the same way with this post.

College is not just as simple as able to differentiate between they we I you and he she it. College is not just as simple as able to count the income of a company. It is not as simple as getting into a college, do all the task and graduate. No.

I must say that my parents were the ones who always encourage (in a hard, hard way) to always get into the best school in town. Thank God I always made it this far. They still do, though. They keep asking when can I take my master, and what are the chances of international scholarship these days. I just finished my 3,5 years of undergraduate program last February and have just started a career in my dream job so all I want right now is just to save money as much as I can so that if someday I am finally ready to take my master, my financial condition will be supporting my decision.

You know, it is true that not all education comes from college. They say, experience is the best teacher. I say, college is the best place for you to have both the formal education and the greatest experience. In college, the best education you could have is not only what your lecturers taught you. It is how you adapt from your years of school where all schedule is fix and the timeline is also decided from the government. It is how you make friends with the ones that will have different schedule, who come from different background, and have different point of view, who you will face constantly for years. It is how you grow from a teenager to an adult. It is how you are torn between asking money from your parents while you already have the consciousness not to, and try to work somewhere in some place you are so not familiar with. You will start to think about your future. You will start to really be responsible. College is not a school where if you act bad, your parents will come to get you and then you will be grounded. In college, they can drop you out.

For me, those experiences I got from college is equally important.

I know, people say that a degree is not a guarantee. Come to think of it, if having a degree does not even guarantee your future, what are the chances for people who have nothing? Do you really want you children to know that their parents dont go to college because they 'just dont feel like it'? Congratulations then, for making this world a better place.

Talking about money, I know college is rather expensive, but that does not mean you cannot afford it on your own. I got into UI choosing to pay for others' scholarship so I dont have a chance to get one. Then, shit happened, and I had to pay my tuition by my self (IDR 6500000). I can do it, tho. The one time when I thought I did not have to pay it by myself anymore, shit happened again, and I was on the edge of bailing college but then I had gone this far. There would be a way. There are always a way. In just 12 hours, my friends collected all those money for me, and my friends were the one who pay it. I suddenly got a text saying 'done. You can still study this semester, Nay'

I burst into tears.

That is when I believe, there is always a way for those who really want something.

Personally, I think there is always something different from the people in my surrounding who do not go to college. I am not judging nor saying they are a little off, I am just saying that there is just something different. I dont know if the problem lies within my surrounding or it is just me overreacting or I am so used to be among my college mates or there actually is something different. I dont know why, there are some differences on the way they act and think, it is like seeing a premature baby because they skip one step on their maturity stairs? Haha just kidding.

Really. I am kidding. Please laugh, dont take this the wrong way.

For those of you who think college is not important, I really feel sorry for you, your parents, and your future children. I know it is your call about what to do with your life, but still tho. I wish, I really wish your kids would not follow your steps when they grow up. Honestly, you miss out the most crucial part of your years of growing up :)


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