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Monday, March 31, 2014

Update: Life after graduation (and F you AirAsia)

Update update! Been a while since I last wrote an update post! (yea like anyone cares) but now, let me tell you about my life after graduation.

What is the first thing that graduated student concerns with? Of course a job. Well, thank God I have several offers to work at since before my graduation, so on January I have already decided where I want to work. I was torn at first, working to earn a big salary or to have a job that I actually enjoy because for the fresh graduates, it is hard to find a job that matches both your desire and salary's expectation.

Right now, I am working at a digital marketing agency and I love it darn much! I know the work is piling at agency and the working hours are versatile but I really enjoy my work, so I do not really have a problem working at an agency. Funny thing is, my bestfriend also works at agency without two of us knew which job each other aimed for :"")))

Well, I also move from Tebet to Kebagusan because it is better for me to pay more for the room rather than go the distance everyday to work. I dont know, I think I am just too lazy :p Kebagusan has a really nice environment but it takes me a fortune if I want to go to my fav places (IDR 70k to Sency, IDR 75 to Kuningan, I am crying blood). The closest place to hang out is Citos and Kemang. I hate Citos because they effin closed their TimeZone, and I dont really favor Kemang.

It feels good, doing things you love 5 days a week, surrounded with lovely people, and getting paid for it. That is how it feels to be working the right job. I have two office working experience before this, so I know the difference. Previously, I work because I need money. I dont really have much choices with the limited time I have as a college student (weekends and monday only) so it feels different, working somewhere you choose. Alhamdulillah :)

Fyi, I used to not have any break during college (mon-fri college, weekend work) and now I only work at Mon-Fri so oh my God thank you for these two days :'''') so this is weekend. Finally I sense freedom :')

My iPhone was missing (yep I know this isnt the best opening sentence but whateva, my iPhone was fucking missing) it fell on the plane (AirAsia) along with my cigarette and my lip stain on the flight back from Malaysia but AirAsia said they didnt find it. They called me at first saying that they have found it but later they confirmed that it was a black box that was found, not an iPhone. How stupid is that. I tried calling them and tweeted them but no fucking response so f you AirAsia. Twitter is public enough and everyone can see that you did not answer my tweets (oh yeah I unprivated my Twitter just to tweet you) so thank you for having a super perfect public relation. God bless you.

So yeah, that is a bit about my life after graduation. I plan to take my master anytime soon but I am still torn. But wait. I want to have fun first ;)


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