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Friday, November 29, 2013

I annoyed you, and curled into bed. You chased me, hugged me and then tickled me. I ran out of breath and gave up. You kissed my ear and then my cheek and then when it was time for the lips, you paused a moment. You whispered 'I love you', and then finally kissed my lips. I was too stunned by how intense that felt I did not really kiss you back. I held back, and said those words back to you.

There are times when I feel like giving up on you, on us. Almost 16 months we have been messing with each other's state of mind, but how amazing is it for you to never, even once, decided to let go of me. No matter how bitchy I could be, how hurtful my words could be, how selfish I could be, and how unfair was it for you, you never let me go.

I know this is so cheesy, but all I can hear playing over and over again in my head is this song:

When you apologize, no matter who was wrong
 When you get on your knees if that would bring her home

Around 2 AM when I was going back to sleep after I opened my eyes because of I-cant-remember, I felt you hug me and kissed my forehead. I called your name to see if you were awake, but you did not. You hugged me in your sleep. How can I not love you?


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