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Friday, November 22, 2013

hi @Urukyuu

My dearest girl, Ukky.

(is it kinda cheating how we use 'girl'? we're 21!)

You are the first bestfriend I had in junior high, even before I got close with Anin. Things start to change. You have always been that girl who is so hard to keep in touch with. That was why we call you alien, on the second place (well the first one was... you were a freak. so did I.  that was why we were friends) and now I am so happy seeing you finally befriend with internet :')

As I said to you previously, I read your blog from the newest to the oldest. You may have changed, in some ways, but I dont know why.. It feels like, to me, you did not change at all. You are just letting yourself free from all the pressures. I think, you have always been like this since the very start. A quirky introvert girl who puts up walls as a defense mechanism. The walls, now, are still exist (imo). You are just widening your safe zone; you are making paths to more views out there. Those walls are the ones that make you strong, but also make people hard to look into you.

I'd say, you know how to pick your battles.

I love the fact that you write. Reading your writings has always made me feel closer to you, and I'm glad that your writings look exactly like what I have pictured on my mind. It also makes me miss you even more. I cant believe I dont remember the last time we met. When was it? Have I grown old or has it been that long?

Anyway, I love you.


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