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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ive been in a really horrible mood these days.

I dont know, feels like everyone sucks. This day, I just had a mid term in a supercold building XII that froze my ass off. Never once did I thankful for the heat in Depok, but I was. Anyho, I decided to go to Kokas today. I really wanted to go to Starbucks and enjoyed my time alone. You know, I wanted to be alone but not lonely. Thats what coffee shops are made for, right? Heho.

Nevertheless, I was bored at Sbux but its still crowded to head back home so I went to Carefour and Sogo. I dunno why but grocery shopping tends to be so much more draining (the money outta my pocket). Well, buying make up also.

Quick advice: do not ever SHOP when youre in a bad mood bcs you might do something cray like I dont know, spending almost all of your savings? because yeah I freakin did. So I ended up calling Bimo and weeping about how much money I got left (which is none)

Anyway I just bought two of my shopping bucket list. Actually I bought more that two but yea others are pretty usual so yeah I'm just more excited about these two:

1. Revlon Kissable Balm Stain

I mean, how cute is this. Two of my friends were using it and I think it looks nice. It has a nice menthol sensation if you wear it, and it is pretty pigmented for a balm stain. I was actually aiming for NYX color lipbalm but that product was discontinued ;( how sad. Well this stain is actually very nice. I wear it directly after I got home (I know theres no point) but the color doesnt come off even after I eat. I have the 025 and it looks nice.

2. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
Ive told you how much I love this lip cream, and how I was actually aiming for the color lipbalm. Actually, Ive been eyeing this color for a pretty long time and I impulsively bought it. The color is soooo pigmented and not that matte and so gorg! I love red lips :3 but its actually kinda drying your lips so wear petroleum jelly or lipbalm before it. 

and other stuffs I didnt feel like talking abt :P

So, I am broke, but I am happy. A treat for myself for feeling so crappy these days. Mwah!


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