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Thursday, October 17, 2013


Okay, this is the first novel that made me fall in love with Ika Natassa. After her 2 other book, I am officially drown into this delusional fantasy (you must know what I mean).

AVYW is like a coffe and cig in the morning: it just feels right.

The thing that I love the most is how Ika manages to explore the feeling of each character into such a complex web, but somehow feels so close to us. She is one hell of a soliloquy's writer. Reading her words is like starting a journey. We'd better fasten our seatbelt. She doesnt describe the feeling bluntly like using adjectives (e.g I am sad. I am happy) but she describes the atmosphere real well so the readers can also feel what the characters feel without any dictate. Yep, she doesnt dictate, she grabs our hands. She lets us peek into Andrea's eyes. We feel her pain, we feel her joy, we walk on her shoes.

The next thing that I love is her perfect plot. I wonder how many times she's been mixing and matching the plot so that the story goes well (or she didnt, well that only means she's gifted). The flashback of every particular scene is well-arranged. The timing of Radit and Ajeng fit the timeline. It bits when we last expect it to bit, so its perfect x))

Last, her taste. I seriously love her taste of jokes, foods, songs, clothing lines, etc. This may sound subjective but yeah we're on the same boat, honey! Haha. AVYW is witty. I love witty. And tasty. And expensive. Need I say more?

Well, I have to be fair. Theres this one thing that I dont really like about AVYW. The life is just too perfect. Both Andrea and Adji are quite perfect, and so do their exes. Theyre pretty, rich, and cool. I think Ika should create a character that has imperfection or troubled. That way, the story will be so much more realistic. Just saying, tho ;)

Okay, in my opinion, the characters should be:
Andrea : Pia Nasution. A hot mess.
Adjie : Oka Antara (bok kurang jawa sama beardy apa)
Radit : Reza Rahadian (!!) Total heartbreaker.
Ajeng : Acha Septriasa?
Firman : Junot. Plis bgttt hahaha
Tania : Sissi Pricilia!


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