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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

48 hours

So its been 48 hours since the last time I ate a meal. I mean, a proper meal. My last meal was 4 spoon of rice, a soup, and a fried chicken on the office at Sunday, 12.00 pm. After that? Only one small version of snickers (1/3 vers. of the real size) my friend gave me as a gift on monday.

I'm not hungry at all. I'm too busy feeling mad and disgusted to care about my appetite.

Yep. I'm mad. I'm not obsessed with skinny body, I eat whenever and whatever I want, and I am fucking obsessed to be right. That being said, I am obsessed to prove people wrong. Well some people just insulted me for being fat over and over again. They werent even my closest ones. And in fact, they are also fat. And ugly. And a friend of mine whom I told about this said that I wasnt gonna make it, be skinny, and it also hurts. I have never seriously tried a damn thing and now people act like I cannot do it. Well, guess what, you guys are freakin wrong.

You had me at 'you are never gonna make it, Nar' not 'you are fat'

So this is it. Me. Drinking mineral water and smoking and et cetera and still not feeling like eating. I will prove you people wrong so you guys can shut your fuck up and feel sorry because I will make you feel like shit for messing with me. For all I care, I dont care about you. I may be fat, but you are ugly (and fat). I can diet, and you can only go to hell.


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