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Sunday, October 27, 2013

I am sorry; I love you so fuckin much

I dont know how many times I have been crying these two days

Gilak. If theres an award about the most bitchies girfl I can sure win one. Yes, I am so selfish. Kmrn tetiba ngambek ke Bimo dengan alasan superkonyol tp ttp aja gue ngambek bete diem. Dia udah ngebaikbaikin berkali-kali but still I was so so so so bitchy. That got to the moment where Bimo yelled and punched his own chest saying 'sakit rasanya nar gue ngerasanya sakit sesek'.

I cried even harder.

Gosh. I am crying while typing this. In the office. My works arent finished and I am drowsy but I. just. need. to. write. this. down. cz. I. need. to. lose. up.

Gue buang muka, sandaran di kaca mobil, dan gue nangis silently. I even bit my finger to hold the noise. I cried because I felt stupid and silly and guilty. Gue terus usaha buat berhenti nangis karna I needed to calm down and apologize to him. Satu sisi juga gue takut banget bcs he screamed and yelled and punched himself, but I knew I had to apologize.

He tried to hug me.

Disitu harusnya ky udah bersyukur banget dia ga bentak gue ngatain 'nangis terus lo bisanya' but instead he hugged me, and I was still SO STUPID. I just. Idk whats wrong with me, gue malah teriak 'gamau lepasin aku gamau dipeluk sama kamu blahblahblah aku takut sm kamu blahblah' pdhl di otak gue tuh anjir ini orang knp baik banget :"( dan dia kaya ga peduli mau gue katakatain kaya apa juga he still tried to hug me and calm me down. He said 'maafin aku sayang aku bikin kamu nangis. aku juga udah maafin kamu. aku udah gamau bahas ini lagi. udah ya sayang jangan nangis. nanti cantiknya ilang. mana katanya nara cantik. udah ya sayang maafin aku ya.'

d'oh I'm still crying while typing this. Harusnya gueeee yang minta maaf ke dia. Harusnya dia ngamuk ke gue. Kenapa dia malah kaya gitu. I still feel so stupid and guilty and bitchy and all; I am the worst girlfriend anyone cud ever had. Knapa dia mnt maaf karena ngerasa sakit karena hal yg gue lakuin? Its like, 'forgive me Nara to get mad and feel hurt over the stupidest thing you always do' ya ampun......... Masih sedih dan nyesek banget rasanya.

But it didnt stop right there.

Bimo selalu minta kunci kosan, ngebukain pintu pager, trus ngebukain pintu mobil gue dan ngegandeng gue dan nungguin gue ngunci pager sambil ngebantuin. Then, he always says 'I love you' before he gets back to his car that is always parked in front of my home. But that night, waktu dia nungguin gue ngunci pager, iPhonenya yang ada di dashboard mobil dicuri


You cannot tell how messed up I feel when we both saw the CCTV from my home that showed a thief opened the car's door and stole it. right in front of my eyes. But I didnt notice. Hbs itu lsg ke kantor polisi dan br balik kosan lg jam set2 pagi. Since then, I cannot stop blaming myself for whatever happened. Gimana sih rasanya kalo jadi Bimo. Harusnya dia muak banget sama gue dan ninggalin gue. Instead, he hugged me and said 'jangan sedih kamu, nanti aku ikut sedih, aku ga nyalahin km sama sekali kok'

Gue nyesek banget rasanya. Gue belom pernah seancur ini ngeliat org yg gue sayang kena masalah, dan gapernah senyesek ini. Rasanya kalo bisa iPhone gue aja yang ilang, jangan iPhonenya dia. Gue yg lebih pantes dijahatin.

I dont even know how to end this post.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ive been in a really horrible mood these days.

I dont know, feels like everyone sucks. This day, I just had a mid term in a supercold building XII that froze my ass off. Never once did I thankful for the heat in Depok, but I was. Anyho, I decided to go to Kokas today. I really wanted to go to Starbucks and enjoyed my time alone. You know, I wanted to be alone but not lonely. Thats what coffee shops are made for, right? Heho.

Nevertheless, I was bored at Sbux but its still crowded to head back home so I went to Carefour and Sogo. I dunno why but grocery shopping tends to be so much more draining (the money outta my pocket). Well, buying make up also.

Quick advice: do not ever SHOP when youre in a bad mood bcs you might do something cray like I dont know, spending almost all of your savings? because yeah I freakin did. So I ended up calling Bimo and weeping about how much money I got left (which is none)

Anyway I just bought two of my shopping bucket list. Actually I bought more that two but yea others are pretty usual so yeah I'm just more excited about these two:

1. Revlon Kissable Balm Stain

I mean, how cute is this. Two of my friends were using it and I think it looks nice. It has a nice menthol sensation if you wear it, and it is pretty pigmented for a balm stain. I was actually aiming for NYX color lipbalm but that product was discontinued ;( how sad. Well this stain is actually very nice. I wear it directly after I got home (I know theres no point) but the color doesnt come off even after I eat. I have the 025 and it looks nice.

2. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
Ive told you how much I love this lip cream, and how I was actually aiming for the color lipbalm. Actually, Ive been eyeing this color for a pretty long time and I impulsively bought it. The color is soooo pigmented and not that matte and so gorg! I love red lips :3 but its actually kinda drying your lips so wear petroleum jelly or lipbalm before it. 

and other stuffs I didnt feel like talking abt :P

So, I am broke, but I am happy. A treat for myself for feeling so crappy these days. Mwah!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

48 hours

So its been 48 hours since the last time I ate a meal. I mean, a proper meal. My last meal was 4 spoon of rice, a soup, and a fried chicken on the office at Sunday, 12.00 pm. After that? Only one small version of snickers (1/3 vers. of the real size) my friend gave me as a gift on monday.

I'm not hungry at all. I'm too busy feeling mad and disgusted to care about my appetite.

Yep. I'm mad. I'm not obsessed with skinny body, I eat whenever and whatever I want, and I am fucking obsessed to be right. That being said, I am obsessed to prove people wrong. Well some people just insulted me for being fat over and over again. They werent even my closest ones. And in fact, they are also fat. And ugly. And a friend of mine whom I told about this said that I wasnt gonna make it, be skinny, and it also hurts. I have never seriously tried a damn thing and now people act like I cannot do it. Well, guess what, you guys are freakin wrong.

You had me at 'you are never gonna make it, Nar' not 'you are fat'

So this is it. Me. Drinking mineral water and smoking and et cetera and still not feeling like eating. I will prove you people wrong so you guys can shut your fuck up and feel sorry because I will make you feel like shit for messing with me. For all I care, I dont care about you. I may be fat, but you are ugly (and fat). I can diet, and you can only go to hell.


Thursday, October 17, 2013


Okay, this is the first novel that made me fall in love with Ika Natassa. After her 2 other book, I am officially drown into this delusional fantasy (you must know what I mean).

AVYW is like a coffe and cig in the morning: it just feels right.

The thing that I love the most is how Ika manages to explore the feeling of each character into such a complex web, but somehow feels so close to us. She is one hell of a soliloquy's writer. Reading her words is like starting a journey. We'd better fasten our seatbelt. She doesnt describe the feeling bluntly like using adjectives (e.g I am sad. I am happy) but she describes the atmosphere real well so the readers can also feel what the characters feel without any dictate. Yep, she doesnt dictate, she grabs our hands. She lets us peek into Andrea's eyes. We feel her pain, we feel her joy, we walk on her shoes.

The next thing that I love is her perfect plot. I wonder how many times she's been mixing and matching the plot so that the story goes well (or she didnt, well that only means she's gifted). The flashback of every particular scene is well-arranged. The timing of Radit and Ajeng fit the timeline. It bits when we last expect it to bit, so its perfect x))

Last, her taste. I seriously love her taste of jokes, foods, songs, clothing lines, etc. This may sound subjective but yeah we're on the same boat, honey! Haha. AVYW is witty. I love witty. And tasty. And expensive. Need I say more?

Well, I have to be fair. Theres this one thing that I dont really like about AVYW. The life is just too perfect. Both Andrea and Adji are quite perfect, and so do their exes. Theyre pretty, rich, and cool. I think Ika should create a character that has imperfection or troubled. That way, the story will be so much more realistic. Just saying, tho ;)

Okay, in my opinion, the characters should be:
Andrea : Pia Nasution. A hot mess.
Adjie : Oka Antara (bok kurang jawa sama beardy apa)
Radit : Reza Rahadian (!!) Total heartbreaker.
Ajeng : Acha Septriasa?
Firman : Junot. Plis bgttt hahaha
Tania : Sissi Pricilia!


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Perjalanan centil

Hal-hal yang gue demenin tuh selalu ganti-ganti. Dulu SMP, gue boros banget buat beli komik sama novel, sekarang sih novel doang. Itu juga udah jarang banget. Tapi sekalinya langsung borong makanya trauma ke bookstore sering-sering HAHAHA huf. SMA tuh apa ya? Duit abis buat urusan sekolah kali ya? Gatau deh, gapernah belanja banyak sih. Eh abis buat nonton pensi ini itu deng, sama teater disanasini. Daridulu juga gue bukan tipe anak yang sering belanja.
Satu hal yang belom berubah adalah I'm a sucker for good food. Gapernah bisa diet at all. Rela banget negluarin duit buat makanan enak. Sampe sekarang. Betah rasanya nongkrong di Kafe Korea kampus beli makanan yang rata-rata 30000-40000an. Itu aja pas ngampus, gimana pas jalan-jalan. Huf :"
Tapiiiii, belakangan sejak kuliah mulai demen sama make up setelah diajarin sama Clarissa Paramitha. Skin care juga, tapi gue dasarnya sih anaknya males jadi skincare pasti awet dan ujung-ujungnya ga kepake -____- sebenernya make up juga standar sik. I bought my first pallete at 2011 and it still lasts until now :3 jadi disini gue akan cerita step by step perjalanan centil-centilan gue (cerita ama siapa nar?)

1. Maybelline & La Tulipe

Ini adalah duo bedak yang gue pake waktu SMA. biasa lah, affordable drugstore product. Dulu suka sama clear smooth extra powder foundation yang ini :
Pake shade ivory. Bagus sih mayan tapi ga terlalu tahan lama.Trus sama la tulipe loose powder yang gambarnya gue ga nemu di google. Pokoknya kotak putih gt trus ada lambang la tulipe diatasnya. Suka soalnya warnanya transparan dan enteng beutttttttz hahaha. Di maybelline juga pernah nyoba BB creamnya yang ini:

and for me, it sucks. Oily banget jatohnya di kulit gue dan susah diblend huhuhu ._.

2. Wardah

My mom is a huge fan of Wardah. Bagus sih, pernah nyoba palletenya juga walau ga beli :p pallete gue masih ada sih. Semua produk Wardah gue are sponsored by nte Alina so yeah.... ga rugi. Gue suka sama lipbalm strawberrynya wardah :D

Baunya enak banget, hydrating, works well with all my lipstick, and its colorless. Awet banget lagi. Punya gue belom abis-abis sampe skrg. Produk kedua yang gue repurchase terus adalah Wardah Sunscreen Gel :

Gue beli ini karena ini ada dimanamana HAHAHA jadi gampang belinya. Sunscreen andalan kalo ngampus setelah pake day cream. Murah lagi. Ga lengket juga, ga bikin bedak jd cakey. Produk ketiga dan favorit adalaaaaaahhh Body Mist yang Flame :

Ini murah dan enak dan awet, dan Bimo demen sama baunya. Gue juga sih :p yaaa karna parfum gue biasanya adalah parfum supermahal (B&B kids) jadi gapapa deh....

3. Revlon

Mulai kenal sama Revlon, dan bedak pertama yg gue beli adalah Microfine Whitening

and it was good. Lebih tahan lama dari Maybelline walau ga setahan lama itu hehe. Habis ituuu karna temen gue Cornelia Petrabella pake bedak tabur, gue juga jadi pengen coba bedak tabur. Akhirnya belilah yang ini:

Revlon Colorstay Aqua. Bedaknya enak, dingin banget dipake. Tapi gue kayanya ga bakat pake loose powder karna sering tumpah gitu hufff. Akhirnya balik ke compact. Dan upgrade dikit dari Microfine, gue beli Photoready:

dan ini adalah bedak favorit gue dari Revlon. Nutup dan awet bangeeeeetttt bedaknya sumpah deh. Agak berat sih tapi ya Revlon seberat apasih. Ini top deh pokoknya. Coveragenya itu yg gue suka, andalannya Photoready.
Jaman gue kerja rodi pameran dulu, tidur tuh kurang banget. Kantung mata dimanamana :" Jadi gue pun memutuskan beli concealer Photoready yang buat gue, still one of the best drugstore concealer of all time :D

Concealer ini bagus banget, creamy dan gampang bgt diblend. Top deh! Along with this, gue juga suka banget sama eyelinernya Revlon

Ini enak banget dipake. Gampang, awet, dan warnanya gampang diblend kalo mau bikin smokey eyes. Ga terlalu dark sih, tapi enough lah :)
Gue juga suka beli lipstick Revlon. Lipstik grade ecek-ecek dari Revlon yang murah tapi ga terlalu awet adalah Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick. Ini enak buat sehar-hari karena murah jadi ga sayang makenya cuma ga awet jadi kudu sering touch up. Ya overall sih one good cheap lipstick.

Lipstick kedua yang agak mahalan tapi ga mahal adalah Revlon Colorburst.

Gatau kenapa tapi dua kali gue beli ini, patah semua. Gatau gue yang barbar atau emang gampang beut patah. Ini lebih awet sih dari yg Lustrous soalnya lebih mahal juga. Walau ga mahal. Gue dulu suka switch tapi krn yg ini patah mulu, yg awet sampe sekarang ya yg Super Lustrous. Murah lagi.

Product Revlon yang sampe sekarang masih gue pake adalah Microfine buat sehari-hari karena lebih enteng dari Photoready, Eyeliner Colorstay, Lustrous lipstick, sama concealer Photoready. Walau sekarang concealer gue abis dan belom beli lagi karena masih pake BB cream yang buildable gitu jd coveragenya bisa dutakatik dan ga terlalu butuh concealer.

4. L'oreal

Satu-satunya produk L'oreal yang gue beli adalah L'oreal UV Protection SPF 50:

Ini aja gue dibeliin nyokap jadi gatau harganya berapa. SPFnya tinggi jadi gue suka, 50, jadi bisa ngelindungin kita selama 10 jam-an deh. Produknya cair banget, agak oily, dan ada warnanya. Dia juga ngeclaim bisa even out complexion jadi makanya produknya ada warnanya. Kadang kalo gue lagi buru-buru, gue cuma pake ini doang buat ngampus. Ga terlalu suka warnanya sih di kulit gue karena ga terlalu ngeblend, tapi lumayan lah. Downsidenya karena agak oily jadi kalo ga pake bedak ya agak kileng gitu huf udah sunscreen, ada warnanya lagi. But its okay, I somehow love the high SPF.

5. NYX

This is currently my favourite brand. Gue jatuh cinta sama NYX setelah beli Stay Matte but Not Flat powder foundation

harganya setingkat diatas Revlon deh. Tapi gue sukaaaaaa banget sama bedak ini, Awet dan coveragenya nutup. Hasil mattenya juga oke punya. I just love Matte finishing. Another product that I love is NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil :

Ini lucu banget kaya crayon, murah lagi, Serius deh murah banget. Punya di warna Milk sama Gold buat highlight sama undereye. Warnanya banyak bgt gue bisa gila. Recommended.
Product ketiga favorit dri NYX adalaaahhh Lip Cream. Ada dua, soft matte sama xtreme, but you know how I love matte

warnanya luculucu lagi. Bagus, tapi gue kudu pake lipbalm dulu pas make soalnya kering tar kalo nggaa.

6. The Body Shop

Ini adalah skincare pertama gue yang serius. Karna kulit gue normal, gue awalnya pake Vit. E Moisturizing Cream :

Gue pake day cream, night cream, cleanser, toner, sama exfoliating scrubnya. Enak sih bikin lembut gitu. Sayangnya yg di travel packaging gaada SPFnya, jadi biasanya gue dobel pake Wardah Sunscreen Gel. Tapi gue pernah tertarik sama Vit, C nya yang ada SPFnya:

ini enak baunya, enak bangeeeeett malah. cuma karena ini mahal :p dan gaada travel packagingnya gue jadi jarang beli lagi. Kenapa gue nyari travel packaging? karena gue anaknya ga rajin dan semuaaaaaa vit e gue yg gede bakal wasted karna pasti ujung2nya gue males pake. Daripada expired mending gue beli travel packaging, awet banget kalo gue yg make hehehehe :" satu set cuma 180.000 dan itu bisa awet berbulanbulan kalo gue.
Next, gue suka banget sama body mistnya Body Shop (yang kembaran sama Grita. dan Manda -_-)

yang strawberry enak bangeetttttt. Gue udah sakit ati sama body mist champagne walau baunya enak karna duakali ilang pas dugem padahal masih banyak khaaaahk jadi gue udah jarang beli champagne. ini juga salah satu repurchased product gue dr body shop. Next, gue suka banget sama lip and cheek stain nya body shop

warnanya bagus, merah bukan pink :3 dan ini juga selalu gue beli kalo abis walau awet bgt ga abisabis. Ini bikin kering sih, jadi pasti gue pake petroleum gel dl atau lip balm.
Belakangan, Jakarta panas banget dan setiap udara panas banget, gue gampang bgt berminyak di T-zone. Jadi skg gue pake Seaweed Treatment dari body shop dan GUE CINTA BGT SAMA KRIM INI o God

gue bisa pake daycreamnya doang tanpa pake bedak cuma ditambah sunscreen buat ngampus dan gue bebas kilap seharian :''''')))) gue bakal pake ini terus pokoknya sampe Jakarta turun salju hehe atau sampe Jakarta musim hujan, karena kulit gue bakal butuh dilembapin secara ekstra pake yg Vit E.

btw gue curiga bunglon kondisi kulitnya berubahrubah sesuai musim.

7. Faceshop

Gue dikasih Afrizal Kurniawan oleholeh bb cream dari Korea, yakni Magic Covernya Body Shop.

Warnanya ga terlalu masuk di gue jd harus ditutupin bedak.  Coveragenya juga medium jadi ga magic walau buildable. Harus 2-3 kali buat nutupin bekas jerewi. I'm done using BB cream tho.

8. Sephora

Gue dapet oleholeh dari sahabat gue yang tidak mau dipublikasikan namanya hahaha colorful duo eyeshadow-nya sephora yang black and grey

gue cuma bisa bilang: sephora bagus ya................. ga heran kalo mahal :"""))))) andelan banget kalo mau smokey eyes. nabung sekarang trus kalo uda ada duit beli palettenya ah :" abis bagusss. hu.

9. Benefit

Nah ini dia favorit gue sekarang dan bakalan gue repurchase terus. eng ing eng gue cinta mati mentok sama Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Foundation

udahlah, buat gue ini perfect. emang sih coveragenya medium tapi sumpah dibuild berkalikali buat nutupin scars juga ga ngegumpel. shade gue petal, nomer dua paling terang dan itu cocok bgt di kulit gue. mahal sih...... mahal banget, at least for me (beli di spore sekitar 550000 IDR) tapi gue ga nyesel :"")))) awet banget parah 10 jam gue pake jg msh oke. gausah pake bedak juga ga masalah. and along with this, benefit gave me the sample of POREfessional pro balm

pas gue coba, ini bagusss. pori-pori gue di pipi gede banget ga wajar (kayanya karna ketarik pipi gue) dan ini bikin flawless finishing gitu di pipi. kayanya sih bakal prevent komedo sama redness sama jerewi juga karena pori2nya kan ketutup dari make up. belom tertarik buat beli sih, bukan primary need soalnya besok aja kalo udah kaya.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013


*Lagi mood nulis pake Bahasa, tho I'm still gonna write the English version (Medina anak ambisius)*

Semua ini salah Hana. Pokoknya Hana. Aku abis ngepoin blognya junior SMA yang udah nikah sama seniorku waktu SD yang satu antar jemput :'''] orangnya pinter nulis (thumbs up, dek Annisa F.) aaaand good writings always encourage you to write. So, here it is.

Semuanya bermula saat Bimo ngomong soal mau bikin tattoo 'naralea' di tangannya. Oke ini salah dia juga. Gatau sih dia serius apa engga, tapi reaksiku jelas kaget dan sangat tidak menyarankan hal itu terjadi. Yang nikah trus pada bikin tattoo aja kalo cerai rugi di duit, apalagi pacaran? Not that I wish we'd split up, but anything could happen, yo. I kind of forget what was I saying atm, but I know it was something related with 'kalo udah nikah sih gapapa' and it went 'yaudah yuk nikah yuk taun depan' dan lagi-lagi saudara ini hanya obrolan ngelantur pasangan muda abad 21.

ya kan Bim? ya dong? ya kan???? ._.

Not gonna lie, sering banget pikiran buat nikah terlintas di otak. Bukannya pengen apa apa, tapi.. Sejujurnya.. Pengen banget nikah muda itu dilandasi oleh fakta bahwa I've been working my ass off just to live, like really. Due to my health problems I was taking leave on September so I practically asked my dad to cover up for my kosan's tuition and used my savings to all my basic supplies; eat, transport, grocery shopping, etc. Beruntung banget Papa lagi bener jadi bisa dimintain buat bulan ini. Kalo lagi kenapa kenapa, mungkin gue bakal ngungsi di rumah Bimo sebulan haha. I feel so relaxed this month. Semester 7 bener bener a pain in the ass dan udah gaada wacana tidur cepet karena tugasnya banyak banget. Ga kerja sebulan bener-bener enak rasanya. Sempet doa sebelom tidur God, I wish I could be like this any longer tapi who am I kidding. These 21 years, I learned my lessons. The hard way. 
Itu yang bener bener bikin pengen nikah. Pengen rasanya ada seseorang yang bisa diandelin selain diri sendiri, because it is so freaking tiring and I just want to stop. Egois ya kalo pengen nikah cuma karena pengen ditanggung? :" But theeeeen I always am reminded of those dreams of being super rich independent single hot shot woman and I am torn (ignore this)

I also just want to feel a real family because I never really had one. Belakangan sering banget main ke rumah Bimo, dan disitu bener bener baru liat fungsi ruang keluarga itu untuk apa. All family sit together and watch TV and just talk, or not. Nonetheless, the silence is also comforting. My family used to be like that before the divorcee and bla bla. Since the divorcee, we moved into Eyang's house dan kita practically hidup di lantai dua. Mama doang yang sering main kebawah dan duduk di ruang TV bawah, tapi aku sama Ale tumbuh besar di keluarga yang kamarnya selalu lengkap. We both are what you say the apartment type. Kita bedua sukanya ngerem di kamar dan keluar cuma kalo mau ke kamar mandi dan ambil makan. Noted, ambil makan. Jadi makan pun di kamar. Apaan tuh meja makan, cuma buat tatakan makanan doang. Sampe skrg pun aku ga pernah sosialisasi sama siapapun itu yang satu kos bareng. Males. Ngapain. My place of living is my sanctuary. I build my anonimity long before I moved to Jakarta. Maybe I am enjoying being alone a little too much, the warmth of the family strucks me. 

Kalo liat anak-anak Teladan sih menikahnya belakangan banyak yang karena emang menghindari dosa, bukan memperbaiki dosa hahaha. Aku ga paham banget hukum-hukum islam dan di blognya si junior yg bahas hukum-hukumnya juga aku bacanya kaya 0979*&%iwgjvd2iucv so I wont talk much about that bcs I hate talking about something I dont really know well. Here in Jakarta, some of my friends had to get married iykwim. But then they look happy, and they say they dont really regret that 'trigger' to get married. Aku sama sepupuku udah sumpah gaakan nikah karena hamil duluan (kita bikin sumpah ini karna satu dan lain hal :p) dan amit amit gaakan kejadian kaya gitu amin amin dear God help me. Awalnya emg ga siap tp ya stlh nikah semua kepegang, kata mereka. It got me thinking:

Masa harus nunggu dosa dulu baru nikah?

Hufff satu sisi pengen nikah muda karena capek sama hidup yg begini amat haha (cuekin) tapi satu sisi pengen meniti karir dulu tanpa keganggu hahaha I know both can just be done together tapi aku gamau nikah kosongan, ga bawa apa2, ga punya harta apaapa. Minimal punya mobil sendiri sama apartement sendiri sih pengennya :p

Salut banget deh sama yg bisa ambil keputusan untuk nikah muda. Salut. Bener bener salut. I worship their courage. Tapi aku sadar, masih banyak banget hal yg harus aku lakuin that require my concerns. Dari yang paling sepele kaya ngelarin kuliah 3,5 taun dan wisuda Februari, cari duit buat ini itu, nyiapin buat Ale yang bakal ikut aku entah SMA entah pas kuliah, theres just too much.

Perhaps my life will be easier if I got a husband. Perhaps it wont.

However, I already have my Superman hahaha. Walau statusnya masih pacar tapi ngurusinnya udah numero uno deh. Contoh: barusan tetiba ngeline kalo dia naroh beras di plastik barang bawaan gue. Kaget ga? Diselipin bunga udah sering, skg lagi tren diselipin beras.

Well, I guess we all have different paths with different timings, no? :D