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Monday, September 2, 2013


We fought. You didnt text me for days because you never wanted to solve a problem by texts. You have always hated it. One thing that you didnt consider was I have also hated being ignored. You went hunting at your Vila with your friends and I was here, at Jakarta, feeling sick because of period and sore throat. You only texted at your last day there at 1.00 am said that your phone's credit was finally filled and then you texted me again at noon saying that you were on your way home.

Sunday evening. I took my 6.00 pm medicine, ate, and finally fell asleep. As usual, my phone was on silent mode (is it just me who literally putting my phone on silent almost all the time?) When I was awaken at midnight, I checked my phone. You called me 17 times and texted me 4 times. You were still calling. My voice was froggy and I was still pissed at you so I rejected it. I heard the duk-duk noise but I couldnt figure it out. You were still calling. Getting sick of it, I finally answered.


Denger suara batu dilempar ke kaca ngga?


Itu aku nglemparin jendela kamu. Aku dibawah. Turun sekarang. 

Now here came the migraine-source that even Aspirin couldnt treat. I washed my face and went downstair. I saw you and your tired face. We sat in front of the house. You just got home after 9-hours driving at 11 pm and you were already here at 12.06 am. Then we talked.

You know what images I played over and over again in my head when you caught me staring at you blankly?

It was when we were in travel to Jogja after my car crashed in Semarang. I cried the whole way because my mom was still mad at me (well, at my dad actually) so she did not show her caring when I told her about the accident. I cried, and I cried. You hugged me and whispered in my ear

Jangan nangis. Kamu punya aku. Aku sayang dan care sama kamu lebih dari mama papamu kok Nar.

Tho I knew it was a bull (yea like anyone ever outlove parents) but you comfort me.

You, are always fighting for me like nobody else.