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Friday, July 5, 2013

Inseparable (fiction)

This is the most beautiful story that I have ever told. My mother tells me that true love only comes one in a lifetime. I reckon that. I only love one man in my life. Have you ever been so in love you consume it as your breath? Have you ever been so in love that all madness in the world seems reasonable, as long as your you have him on your side?
I first met him when we were still kids. His mother, the Queen of Trojan, loved to throw this party and she always invited my family. My mother always made me wear those beautiful dresses and put a ribbon in my hair. Those dresses made me hard to breathe, and I loved the ribbons. I loved the way it gave colors to my head. I always tilt my head just to feel the ribbons in my hair.
But, since you said my pink ribbon was cute, I loved my ribbons more than I used to.
You sat beside me and said my pink ribbon was cute. I then blushed. You always knew how to make girls blush, didn’t you?  I should have known. You gave me a leaf from the tree upon us that looked like a flower. A cute leaf for a cute lady with a cute ribbon, you said. From that moment, I knew I loved you before I even started to.
Mother said in the future, I would be your wife. We were destined to be husband and wife. When my father died protecting your father, my mother said your family had a debt. Having me as the future lady would cover it all. She also said I should spent time with you more, because in order to be a good wife, I had to know who was my husband. Since that day, I spent years wander around you. Watching you study, hunt, eat. And when we finally turned 20, we got married. Have I told you that our marriage’s day was the day of my life?  I still remembered every little thing about that day. My rose petal, your new sword, and our sacred vow. Marrying the love of my life, what could I ask for more?
How could I have known?
You were beautiful. We were beautiful. I could stay awake and watched you sleep forever. Your mother said she wanted grandchildren as soon as possible, because you were the only child, and there had to be someone to sit at the throne after you. So we started praying for little babies. We waited.
We waited and waited and waited. For days, weeks, and months. And years.
Were you growing tired of waiting, my love? Because that was when everything started to change. The family started to pressure me. They even promised Gods they would give anything if only their only son had a child. I cried, and I begged the Gods to give me child. I would do anything if they only gave me a baby.
God answered, I was finally pregnant. I was so happy that I cried. You held me and kissed my forehead; patience was always the cure of all suffering, my lady, you said. We then waited again. We waited until this flower of our love finally bloomed.
I actually was scared. I promised Gods I would give them everything, but the Gods had not asked for anything. He, on the other hand, unhesitatingly gave the prize of a contest in which Ares in bull form had bested his own prize bull. The Gods were happy about the gift, and he was known of his fairness. I did not know why, but it scared me. We, as mortal, were just like toys for Gods.
That day answered my fear. That day, when Zeus came down to our place to look for you. Zeus said he needed your ‘exemplary fairness’. He said there was this party and a gold apple came. The apple was intended for the fairest, and Zeus could not decide which ones of the Gods that was the fairest. Was it his wife, Hera? Was it the Gods of War, Athena? Or was it the Gods of love, Aphrodite? Zeus put the golden apple in our place, and said the Gods would be looking for the answer. He also said, the Gods did not love to wait.
That night, the babies were born. Yes, the babies. We had twins. Who would have known? But then, my second fear was also answered. Eris came. She asked for my little girl, and said it was the price I should pay for Gods’ answer. She said no one from Trojan has to know I had twins, especially my husband. She also said my little girl would be growing up in Greece. I wanted to say no. I wanted to fight. But, who was I in front of Gods? If this was the price, so I had to give in.
She said, I would be seeing my little girl again. My husband was destined to bring her back home.
I knew something bad would happen.
Days later, he was invited to go to Greece. The night before he went to Greece, the three Gods were coming. First appeared Hera, for her hair was ordered with a white diadem, and she carried a sceptre. The sign that she was Zeus’ wife. Then come Athena; her head was covered with a gleaming helmet which was itself crowned with an olive-wreath. She brought a shield and brandished a spear. After them Aphrodite entered, her beauty visibly unbeatable. She showed her unblemished beauty by appearing naked and unclothed except for a thin silken garment veiling her entrancing lower parts. Hera offered to make him king of Europe and Asia, Athena offered wisdom and skill in war, and Aphrodite offered the world's most beautiful woman. I did not know what Aphrodite did to him, but he chose her.
I ran out of words.
Aphrodite’s dancing was followed by the anger of Hera and Athena who directly went out from our place. I was standing outside. My legs were shaky, and I could not even cry a single tear. It was like, my happiness was taken away from me. My husband, my dear loving husband, accepted the offer for getting the most beautiful woman in the world. Why? Why would he do that? I stared at him as he walked out the door without giving any glance towards me. I did not believe that was my husband. The gods must be playing with us. I would not gonna let they take my sunshine away. No, I would not.
I could play God as well.
Besides, I told you that this was the most beautiful story, right?
The cold from that night could not stop me from running outside.


I did not understand my husband. Leaving the judgment of who was the fairest among all into one mortal hand? Did I really marry Zeus? That Zeus? I knew how he was always avoiding conflicts (especially if it had something to do with me but whatever) but I had no idea if he could be this stupid. That mortal, what was his name? Paris? He was just that boy who entertain Zeus because he could slap Ares in his face. I actually did not know the details, I was busy chasing down Leto. Rgh. That slut. How dare she kept her baby after she seduced Zeus to sleep with her? I kicked her out of the earth while Zeus praised that mortal very much and it was me who was crazy? Ha?
I actually wanted to look for her again but then I heard a call from Trojan. Interesting. It was that mortal’s wife. I wonder what she wanted to do with me, but I guess it would be interesting. When I came down, she looked at me. Now I understand why that mortal wanted to be with a beautiful lady. \
‘What do you want, mortal?’


The war of Trojan had ended. I saw everything from Qui Island, one of Hera’s sacred place. Yeah, I was Hera’s servant now. Hera got what she want, the blood from unholy bound between a father and a daughter. She said it was one of the ultimate tribute a Godess could had. So I told her my little daughter was taken by Eris to Greece, and Hera swapped the woman who was sent by Aphrodite into my little daughter, who magically turned 20. She was dead. It was okay. I got what I want anyway. Paris. Beside me.
“You know he’s dead, right?”
Another servant, Illius, asked me. While hugging Paris, I smiled, and nodded slowly.
Until now, we are inseparable.
It is a beautiful story, right?

{This is a rewriting from Helen of Troy's folktale}


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