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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I know it is not fair for me to put all blames on you

This has been a hard month. I dumped you for like, 5-6 times but you always came asking me to think straight. You cried. My heart was broken. The last time was just days before my boarding. We sat on our usual coffee shop table. I was looking down the street, tired of having an endless argument with you. You asked 'kalo sekarang aku minta kamu balik ke aku dan kita pacaran lagi kamu gimana?' and some words like 'jawab dong' 'kok diem' but I stood by my silence. I really did not know what to answer. Seriously.

After what seemed like forever, you suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me into your hug. You whispered 'jangan marah lagi ya sayang' and kissed my cheek.

I could cry in any second.


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