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Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 10

May 10 was the highlight of these shitty weeks.

I have been complaining much here, havent I? Ehehe. So you know I've been busy with theater practice like almost everyday so I am home usually at 12 a.m. and have I told you I have 4 days of morning class? and sunday is practicing time too so I have to bail my work that day, means I have to finish ALL my works on saturday. imagine? and do you know how much fights I have with Bimo lately? and how many assigments I have to deal and not to forget the quizzes I have to study? okay, I never study, who am I kidding. but still, I need focus and strength when I do my quizzes. cannot do that when I'm tired, yes? nevertheless, I went to Mika's concert yesterday night, and I FINALLY MET MY LOVE /sigh/ hahaha been loving him since junior high, and finally had a chance to see him. I went there with Vika and Lando. well, after going out with dad at the noon. yesterday was so fun :) I lost wordssss for Mika! He was awesome and breathtaking and his voice was so so so asdfghjkl and he was annoying ha-ha. all my fav songs were played and I kinda lost my voice when I type this post ._.


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