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Monday, May 20, 2013

Finally published draft

I don’t understand why people have to interfere in other’s biz so much. I mean, well, some people get along while others grow apart. If we cant be friends, does that mean we have to hate each other? I mean, that is just the exact thing as relationship. Just because it is over, does not mean exes cannot be friend. For all I know, if you still have hatred, you still have not moved on. In order to grow up, we have to move on, no?

Only shallow and dull people who don’t really have life that still interfere with other’s life who are not even their friends. I mean, I have been there. I admit, I got a special pleasure if I can devalue or talk bad about some particular people whom I hate in front of my friends. But then I realize, it was stupid and childish. I used to hate my ex and I was glad to have the chances to make fun of him in front of everyone around. I felt superior, and I felt like I was winning. Sad part is, I did not. Later I found this flat sensation towards him. I do not have the hatred anymore, and I lost senses of making fun of him. It was when I realize I have actually moved on.

Don’t you see the point? Moving on means not caring anymore. Hatred is just another form of paying attention, right? Also, that does not make you look cool. Aren’t you afraid of those people you gossip with? Because they talk about you, too, I guarantee. If you can be cruel and mean to someone and people okay you, who the hell are you kidding.

Clarity is everything that matters to me right now. I’d rather be an introvert than have to deal with fake friends. I know whom I could trust. They wont let me down or stab me in the back, and neither will I.

{this is not intended for anyone}


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Grow Up and Move on

So I fall in love with these songs from the first time. 

Grow Up

I told 'em all to stick it
I left town with a dime to my name
I said, I'm done with all of my fake friends
Self-righteous pawns in a losing game

Got my band and a light that won't go out
Been burning since the day I was born
So I cried just a little then I'll dry my eyes
Cause I'm not a little girl no more

Some of us have to grow up sometimes
And so, if I have to I'm gonna leave you behind

Stand in line for so long just to picked
Something I will never understand
Aren't you tried of always being mad at the world?
Won't you just admit you don't care

And baby, I don't want your pity
So don't feel sad for me
I got a love I would die for and a song to sing
Maybe we're both just living out our dream

We get along for the most part
Me and reality, it's a light in the dark
We live alone, two different world
Me in a fantasy, you in your memories
But we get along

Moving On

Let 'em have their time
Sit back and let 'em shine
Let 'em rise and rise
Cause one day they're gonna fall

Let 'em soak in the sun
Sit back and let 'em have their fun
Let 'em spill their guts
Cause one day they're gonna slip on 'em

Well I could be angry
But you're not worth the fight
And besides I'm moving on

I've counted to ten
And I'm feeling alright
And besides I'm moving on

Let 'em play their songs
Let 'em say what's right and wrong
Let 'em do their thing
Cause they'll never be you and me

We got our own style
We got a way of livin' life
If they can't get down
Well we don't need them around

Well I could be angry
But you're not worth the fight
And besides I'm moving on

I've counted to ten
And I'm feeling alright
And besides I'm moving
Yes I'm moving
Besides I'm moving on


Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 10

May 10 was the highlight of these shitty weeks.

I have been complaining much here, havent I? Ehehe. So you know I've been busy with theater practice like almost everyday so I am home usually at 12 a.m. and have I told you I have 4 days of morning class? and sunday is practicing time too so I have to bail my work that day, means I have to finish ALL my works on saturday. imagine? and do you know how much fights I have with Bimo lately? and how many assigments I have to deal and not to forget the quizzes I have to study? okay, I never study, who am I kidding. but still, I need focus and strength when I do my quizzes. cannot do that when I'm tired, yes? nevertheless, I went to Mika's concert yesterday night, and I FINALLY MET MY LOVE /sigh/ hahaha been loving him since junior high, and finally had a chance to see him. I went there with Vika and Lando. well, after going out with dad at the noon. yesterday was so fun :) I lost wordssss for Mika! He was awesome and breathtaking and his voice was so so so asdfghjkl and he was annoying ha-ha. all my fav songs were played and I kinda lost my voice when I type this post ._.


Monday, May 6, 2013

These days are CRAZY

My office has this new client that doubles the work and I cannot attend the office on Sunday because KDST. Well, KDST also requires us to practice almost everyday which ends at 11 pm (that means I get home at 11.30 pm). I have 8 am class in 4 days. The papers and quizzes and exams are endless. The lecturer gives no mercy. English 6 materials are fucking hard.

I wish I could have more that 24 hours a day.