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Sunday, March 31, 2013

So I was pissed at you. I distanced myself from you and you noticed. You were being my company because I was on my way from UI and was so hungry after theater exercise and I wanted to eat McD so much I asked for your companion and there, you directly went to McD Tebet. But, I was pissed at you. It was unimportant, tho. I was just tired and sleepy and I blamed it on you. It was almost midnight, and we were heading to my place.

I was still pissed. I ignored your offer to carry my bag while we stopped because I had to buy drinks, and you needed to grab my hand because I did not want to hug you after it.

When we got into my place, I was still pissed. You kept asking why and stop being like that to me and what have I done but I was, yeah, tired enough I did not even bother to explain. You were standing under the street light under my room's window, and when I walked directly to enter the house, you yelled so you will just leave? so that is all? I said I was tired and you said I was tired too. I worked all day and I rushed to finish my last job just for you and you are pissed in all of a sudden and that is it?

Go home, Bim, I said, we both are too tired.

I am tired as hell but I will not leave this place until you stop being pissed at me. I love you so much I cannot stand the fight and the silence between us. It sickens me; it really sickens me whenever you feel so faraway from me.

And I looked into your eyes. I stood behind you, and I hugged you.
I was ready to apologize to you when suddenly you said for whatever I do wrong, I am sorry. Love you.

I hugged you even tighter.


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