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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Love is a drug and you are my cigarette
Love is addiction and you are my Nicorette
Love is a drug like chocolate, like cigarettes
I'm feeling sick, I've got to medicate myself

I want your love, don't try and stop me
Can't get enough, still hanging on me
Your guilty heart, don't let it break you
And if you pray, well no one's gonna save you

Like everyone that you fear and everything you hold dear
Even the book in your pocket
You are the sun and the light
You are the freedom I fight
I will do nothing to stop it, the origin is you
You're the origin of love

Well if God is a priest and the devil is hell
Well that's a reason for love
Like every word that you preach
Like every word that you teach
With every rule that you breach
You know the origin is you

From the air I breathe, to the love I need
Everything I know
You're the origin of love
From God above, to the one I love
Everything that's true
The origin is you

Like stupid Adam and Eve
They found their love in a tree
God didn't think they deserved it
He taught them hate, taught them pride
Gave them leaves, made them hide
Let's push the stories aside
You know the origin is you

Some love is pain and some love is a candy cane
It tastes so sweet but leaves you feeling sick with pain
Your love is air, I breathe it in around me
Don't know it's there but without it I'm drowning


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