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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This, too, shall pass.

We didnt fight. We never yelled at each other. We never had the long awkward silence. We never ignored each other.

We met at least once a week.

We were perfect.

You were perfect to me, you were all the things I thought I want.
You were one simple joy in my one screwed up life.

But I am sorry. I just cannot.

I cannot do this no more.
I cannot go on and pretend everything is going to be just fine.
I may have forgive your one mistake, that one mistake you made.
But I simply cannot get over that, dear.
I cannot forget what you did to me.

Your dozens sorry wont affect me if its not armed with forgetting pills. If thats even exists.

Stop saying sorry, dear, thats not the problem.
Not forgiving, but forgetting.
That one, I cant.

I know I promised you forever, but life does not work that way.
I am sorry.
I know you love me, you know I still love you,
but dear,
in relationship, love isnt enough to keep us alive.


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