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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Luwuk, 2nd day.

I finally am here, Luwuk. After two hours flight to Makassar (whoa the airport looks like Changi!) And 1h40m flight with small private plane to Luwuk and one hour drive from the city to the project district I am finally here, the CSR of PT Donggi Senoro LNG. There are three districts that my company has to deal with from this company, and another one from Pertamina.

What am I doing here?

I spent it mostly with.... Sleeping :| Bimo had me awake most of the night at Friday (but I don't mind tho :p) and I slept the entire two flights and I slept at the car and I slept right after I got here and I slept again after I took the morning bath WELL I LITERALLY SLEEP ALL THE TIME AND I HAVE JUST WOKE UP right now and I am sitting at the living room so that I'm not falling to bed again but somehow I AM STILL SLEEPY AS FUCK :') hell yeah I have been blinking nonstop in typing this.

It actually feels like bakti in PTB; we have to increase this area's way of living. Yeah our client wants the people to be having a better life and they are hiring us to do the job. My boss asked me to stand in for a week because the field worker has to take a break (yeah, I'm an office bitch) so yeah, I will teach them how to speak English, how to read, how physic works, ahow to bake cookies, and how to knit. Well, no, the last two sounds wrong if you picture me :" but I don't know when will I teach them, my coord hasn't speak to me (yeah because you fell asleep all the time, Nara)

The connection sucks, my iPhone's dead because there is no XL tower here and I didn't have the time to buy M3's or Simpati's micro chip so I left my iPhone at Jakarta, which turned out to be a mistake because the beaches are so asdfghjkly awesome! :''''] its okay, Onyx's camera is not bad *self cheering*

Well, since the connection sucks, I finally (am being forced to) have a time for myself. An hour ago, my signal was SOS and I chose to read at the stage where the children usually come to learn. I feel peace :) something I clearly get from 3-millions ticket to here.

Also, as long as I can remember, I never had the chance of getting in touch with people from mid-Sulawesi. Here, the races are the ones who are strangers to me. Interesting. And creepy at the same time.

Fyi, I am still so sleepy. Hiks. And its freaking hell out there. Please, no sunburn this time please.

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