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Sunday, December 16, 2012


I was just finished my Maquis' Caramel Pudding when Bimo picked me up at PI. We went to Playground for drinks then after some circlings, we finally decided to eat at Senayan. Yeah, my fav Nasgor in Jakarta. Well, when I was taking a cab, it turned left from PI to reach Senayan. I told Bimo to turn left, too. I did not know how, but I guess he was taking some wrong turns after. I finally found the car were heading towards West Jakarta.

I yelled happily. I then asked Bimo to circle over those familiar places from Kota Bambu. Rawa Kepa, and finally, Gelong Baru Selatan. Also, Mandala raya :-) Places when I grew up. We even saw my old school and house.

The rain was pouring down outside along the way I was reminiscing my childhood memories back.

I was just putting my watergun he gave me that day when we got out from Tomang and finally headed towards Senayan. He grabbed my hand, put it on his neck, and kissed me. I then buried my face in his neck and hugged him. Smelling his perfume, feeling his warmth, and closing my eyes.

I may still have tons of paperloads to work, essays and papers to finish, exams to go.
This futureless relationship may crumble into pieces.

But at that particular moment, I somehow knew that this is a right thing to do.


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