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Sunday, November 18, 2012

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A friend of mine asked me the question I have been asking myself these days; Do this one look different than my previous one? Yeah, I mean, I showered my previous relationship with Public Display Affection, and it is a bit different from now, what I have with Bimo. I realize it, tho, but that doesnt mean I dont love Bimo with everything I have ;)

It is just, time flies. I am not that 1st year college student who only knows how to have fun and spend money whenever I like. I am also not that teenager with explosive attitude related with feelings. I was that girl who loved to create chaos, speak whatever I like, oh dear I was such an ignorant.

I am, tho. I dont change, people dont do change. I adapt. I grow up. I am still a bitch, but perhaps in a classy way *sigh* lol I also do not have that much of free time like I used to have. My world, now, doesnt only revolve in a lovey dovey romance. I have work, I have issues, I have plenty of task, I need to rest.

Relating this to my lovelife, its not that I dont have feelings toward him to be written here there everywhere, I am posting it still but perhaps in a smaller amount. That doesnt mean I love Bimo less ;)

Sometimes you know you are so comfortably in love you dont need to tell the whole world about it.

Thats just exactly how I feel.

Bimo himself is not the one who involves much in social network (I thank God for this, really). He has his work, and he loves to do offroad or motorcross more than checking timeline and blab :p I dont expect him to tweet me goodnight or goodmorning but on the other hand I dont have to be afraid of seeing him being friendly/flirty with another girls in socnet HAHAHA HIGHLIGHT THAT(!) Another thing is he will talk to me directly if he dislikes about something, not being cocky and tweet about that. I love that.

Although he is a stalker. Or it is just me, who publishes my life for people to see :')


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