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Sunday, October 28, 2012

People say I'm a bitch like it's a bad thing

I'm a bitch for loving to wear short skirts and sexy dress and low cut shirt and hot pants

I'm sorry for being so awesome using those outfits that men are staring at me all the time.
Men and their stupid lust.

I'm a bitch for smoking and drinking in front of the public

And they who say this are spending their parents money to shop, go to cafe, watch movies, xoxo at leats I still use my own money ;)

I'm a bitch for wearing red lipstick

I'm sorry for being too seducing by only applying lipstick ;(

I'm a bitch for saying whatever comes to my mind freely

 And you expect me to cover my thoughts and say nice cliche? I'm sorry I am not you.

I'm a bitch for teasing and insulting others

Well, is talking behind people is way much more respectable than teasing and insulting in front of the subject?

I'm a bitch for getting close with men and calling them sayang

Woohoo, I never intend to steal one, tho. My presence does threaten you, girls? Sorry ;(

I'm a bitch for using sarcasm all the time

I never mean to sound cold, bitter, or cruel, but I am. Thats how it comes out.

I'm a bitch for doing whatever I want

Jealous enough? Haters gonna hate~

I'm a bitch for writing these as a justification

Well, love me or hate me. Xoxoxoxo


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