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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Life: in recent.

Well hello blog. Been a while since a long quality post, no?

This period is so hectic. I am taking 22 credits and it feels like a suicidal. Tematis requires me to read a novel a week and creates one essay about it. Budpop requires two jurnals each week. Writing? Dont bother asking, I hate writing academically, and IT HAS 35% OF ENGLISH 5 HA. Tepeng requires me to read 20 pages every week. Pubspeak is full of presentation. Sejarah Cina? Dunno yet but I hear plenty of tasks it is. Hhhhhhhh

I also have this 2012 to take care of. Kyaaaa I'm old :') I'm the third year now :') Okay....

I also teach twice a week and have just started my job at Mirah Sakethi (google it!) as Public Affair :3 now I am handling Media Monitoring so I have to read newspaper(s). Yeah, it smartens me, both of my new job, ameeen. Anyway I want to have a carreer here. Who knows I might be a famous socialite public affair ;;)

Yes yes, thank God, I havent graduated but I already have a proper job :'-)

So my life revolves around college-task-teaching-working-meeting-dating! This last one is my fav eheeee :-p

Well hope you enjoy this period. Xo

P.s : I am longing to dye my hair xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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