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Friday, August 10, 2012

Meaningful Birthday

This year's birthday was surprisingly hard and awesome. I cannot tell you what was it but I was facing a hard time, college's stuff, but then my friends helped me. They helped me too much I love them forever and always. Xxxxxxxx

Anyway I spent those days with mas pacar muehehehehehehe :-p He is one of the good things these days. Diculik lagi ajaloh pas tgl 8. Ngajak jalan, eh bablas Puncak (hayo) main kembang api sama makan malem :D Dia nemenin ampe saur, dan lalu malemnya pas tgl 9 dia nemenin lagi ampe saur lagi jadi intinya gue kurang tidur mulu belakangan ini....tapi cinta kok muah makasih Bimo :-*

Ini beneran step buat ke period umur baru, twenties. Kaya dikenalin langsung sm Tuhan ke whole new level of problems. God sure loves joking, eh? Heem -_-

Still. I am thankful.

Thank You, God.


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