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Monday, July 16, 2012

Funny Experience

Been a while since I blogged.

Well, things happen. Lately I have been posting about how depressed I was because of GPA but well,,, it turned out to be, well, acceptable. A bit of slap in the face, yet yeaaah I am thankful :-)

So I wanna tell you about this one experience that is funny, to me. I once had a crush. We called, watched movies, ate sushi, he drove me home, we made several plans. We talked about future. The point is, he is........ I mean, he's an artist (I know he said he hated me for calling him this yet he actually enjoyed it :p) and he has a perfect English and cute accent and he's smart and he's ambitious. He is 5 years above me. Everything seemed perfect.

Until one night, it ruined.

He got into a stupid fight with a friend of mine because he saw him hugged me. My friend was mad because he ruined my friend's Fred Perry -_________- Stupid, isnt it? That night is sure one hell of a night. It was the mistake that makes you hold your breath everytime you remember it. It was times ago anyway. I moved on, totally :P Yet it really tickles me somewhat hahaha well just when everything seemed perfect, broooo! Nevermind, the new one is better kok #EHHHHHHH

Its just, it was my first time seeing men fought fist to fist because of me live from the scene :'D I mean, not that I never got myself into that kind of position, yet I had never been into it directly. It ruined my friendship with some friends tho (since he is an artist that is commonly used by some of my friends so they scare it will ruin their business) and my friend that hugged me is a man who worked in Populair Magazine that is linked to several 'names'. Imagine how mad everyone is to me :""")

I am a grown up, I shouldnt be enjoying this............

Yet its like I am cursed. Whats with those men sih? And whats with their women either? I am doing nothing, I swear, tp knapa gue kesannya kaya lacur yang suka mainin cowok uh shit.

Actually all I care about is my name. Gue emosi deh nama gue yg jadi jelek kalo gini padahal what have I done? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr -____-

Well yaudalaya. I'm over that, cuma sekarang cukup tau aja. I've learned enough, and I've learned the hard way. Patah hati ngga? Thanks God the feeling hadnt been too deep... tho it still hurt a little, but I'm okay, always will, always be ;)

Gain some, lose some.

Beterin Beteri Vadir :)


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