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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

'why write despair? I challenge you to write ten things you love'

Okay. Challenge accepted :9

I love ice cube.
This comes first because right now I am chewing ice cube :9 This is my second glass full of ice cubes today. Crunchy crunchy crunchy. Ice cube is just the best :"D

I love the smell of Air Conditioner.
Yeah, I love smelling it ._. It feels good to my nose and I just love the smell of it. Does it even have smell, they asked. Yeah, it does, and it smells gooooood :9 sniff sniff sniff!

I love TV serial.
Yeah I do love  TV serial. I love watching them after I have the full season tho :p When I was a kid, my mom introduced me to Friends, Six Feet Under, The Undercover, Buffy the Vampire Slayers, Xena, etc. Right now, my current favorites TV serials are HIMYM, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, NCIS, Lie to Me, Castle, Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Sherlock, Skins. Uwaaaa those are a bunch, no?

I love Bugs Bunny.
I DO LOVE BUGS BUNNY HAHAHA :p I still wish I were Lola Bunny so Bugs would love me blind. I love Looney Tunes :3 My favorites are Bugs, Lola, Marvin the Martian, Tazmanian Devil :3

I love Garfield.
Loves to eat, cynical, lazybone, selfish, fluffy tummy, what can you not love about Garfield? :"D

I love fireworks.
Nuff said on this one. Should I really tell you about fireworks, no? :P

I love Mentos.
Mentos has always been my favorite candy. I love mints, thats why I love Mentos.

I love Avocado Juice with Chocolate Milk and Ice Cream
Seriously, do they add drugs on this drink or what? Tsk.

I love peanut butter.
I love peanut butter. I love Skippy. I love Sari Roti's peanut butter sandwich. I love Baskin n Robbins' peanut butter flavoured ice cream. I love peanut on red velvet's :p I love peanut butter! Nomnomnom

I love to write.
Dont you? ;)

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