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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Iri. Iya, iri. God knows aku jarang bgt iri sama orang. I love myself and I love mylife. Tp skrg aku iri. Iri buat cewekcewek beruntung itu yg masih diperjuangin sama cowoknya. Mereka masih mau stand up bcs they respect their girls, they cherish the goodness, and they have hearts. Fuck I dont even worth an explanation. Some of those girls were cheating, overpossesive, around them all the time with their intensities. What have I comitted to you, sucker? I really really hate myself for feeling envy but I just cant help. You lads are sucha lucky bitches. They gave you chances, efforts, positiveness, EXPLANATIONS, FAIRNESS, while he gave me hell.

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