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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hectic 4th period is hectic ._.

"Cause all of the stars have faded away
Just try not to worry, you'll see them someday"

You know that feeling when some lines are stuck in your head and you keep singing those over and over again? Yeah I do. I am singing that song during my reading and grammar final exam. Woot, final exam? Yoi banget lah kampus gua ude UAS :") hahak its okay tho, short semester will be started soon after these exams are done. God, a room to breathe, please? :"

Semester 4 berat banget, they said. Tapi I dont feel like keteteran sih. Perhaps because I seriously love some subjects of it *gaya maksimal*sokbangetlaunar* and I put aside my job for the last 2 months :) Krisas itu ngrepotin tapitapitapi enakkkkkkk, I love analyzing, sure! beside Krisas's scores barely fail me :p aaaaand the other reason is blablabla blabla blabla. cannot mention it here hehe toooo risky :p so far, I am enjoying this period :) I'm in the mood of college deh lately, I even plan to take three subjects for my SP. Ja-go-an. Pokoknya kudu cumlaude deh gi-ma-na-pun. What-ever-it-fuckin-takes. S2 abroad, you are my biggest dream right now! Watch me watch me (sambil ngetik gini tapi anaknya lagi leyeh leyeh di coffee toffee sambil ngeblog bukannya ngelarin makalah sosling -_-) 

I feel like writing about everything in my life right now, but something just deserves one single post, tho I'm not sure I will blog about it or not. I am so thankful of that, tho :-) 

Good things come to those who wait, they said.

I used to think that this is bull, and why should wait if we can go get it? Yet I have learned that sometimes, all we can do is just sit our ass off and wait. Waiting is really getting on my nerves, eh, was, :P I know good things are worth the wait. I do. I really do. xixixi :p 

God has the perfect timing, God always has. Ensure ourselves about that and trust God. Trust no one else but God. 

Keep calm, and hold stronger to faith. Lalala~ 


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