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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Delicious english is delicious


Thank you for 2010&2011, you all were sucha good officials. 
Thank you IKMI.
Thank you All Makes, UT, Astra International.
Thank you Trio Ambisi, Wonderbra, Soulvibe, Anda.
Thank you MC&PMI&Pengamen.
Thank you participators.

I, myself, as the Event Coordinator, want to say thanks for your trust in me, over and over again.
Thanks for the patience.
Thanks for the support.
Thanks for the help.
Thanks for the companion.
Thanks for the understanding.

For me, all events that we held together, PK-Get The Beatles-PSPB-GSR-Carnival-Englicious, those were perfect. 
We are such a great team and great moneymaker :-p
It has always been my honor to work with you guys :-)


Manekin :-p

Event Coord & LO Coord

Mantan PO yang skrg jadi anak Acara, Koor Acara yang tetep aja jadi Koor Acara, Danus yang jadi LO, dan mantan anak Acara yang sekarang jadi PO

Penunggu backstage :-p

Thanks God we both didnt make the same photos as the year before -,-

Ehm *no comment

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