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Sunday, April 29, 2012


"....but then you put arrows to my both knees.." This is the last part of my post at Tumblr. Somehow, I do tumblring more than blogging :/ then all those love quotes start to dont make any sense then I skip those along and only focus on.... Uyun :" hahaha :p I really, really, really want to go abroad. My plan hasnt changed much. I want to graduate (cummlaude? :3) and then be a lecturer at UI while I am waiting for any opprtunities to find scholarship or Deplu's offer to work abroad. The matter is, I want to live abroad no matter what. I have no intention of being poor and stupid. Agencies offered me to join, but my mom said theres nothing barokah with being a model. Lately I have been thinking about that too. Everyone in Jogja encourage me to do so, while my friends here afraid it would disturb my college's time. And I am torn :") yeah exxageration detected I... I have my big city dream. When I was still in high school, I wanted to get out from Jogja. Jogja is just too small for me, it bores me. Then I got in at UI, I moved here then. I love Jakarta, I really do, but I want something more. I want my big city dream to happen. I want to live abroad. Its either I'm going bcs of my face, my money, or my brain. I prefer to go there bcs of my brain, but I wont reject if any agency offers me to work there :P but money? Nah i dont think so. I want to make money, not to spend it. If I have enough cash to send my ass somewhere abroad, it will only be a vacation or I will use it to take my parents to Tanah Suci first. Somehow, I am thankful to God, he has given me too much. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. My face never fails me (if you know what I mean ;)) my brain got me accepted in smp 5, sma 1, and UI which are the best of the best :P and money has never really been an issue. I love my life. I really am. Blame God for this, but I usually always get what I want. I am prepared to go thru distances to get what I want. They say I am the kind of girl you cannot say no to. Am I? Dare to prove it? Hehe :3

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