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Sunday, March 4, 2012

that convos

▼His phone rang. his best girl called, and he picked up less in a second. She missed him so much, and actually he missed her that much too. their friendship has lasted long enough and they have known each other deep enough that they know they are not going to fall for each other. one or two question about each other's life updates passed, and he began asking about her blind spot. yeah, true, her relationship with the man, her ex. he knew that she always has this one blind spot since 3 years ago when she first met her ex. yeah, tho she had stories with another, he knew deep down inside that no one compares to the man. they lasted for more than a year. she said to him that her relationship with the man were much less like a circle. he asked in what phase her now at. she stood her silence. he let her drown in her trial to answer because he knew she was asking herself too for the answer. she finally answered him. he listened carefully.

"wait, can you repeat?"

"uhm, I myself dont know. there is this fear that we will end up hurting each other. but. yeah. I dont want to lose him now."

"what about him?"

"like hell I'd know whats on his mind. he is easily changing, you know. there are those times when I just want to hug him like there's no tomorrow. but there are also those times when I want to drown him in the deepest scariest sea when monsters live and eat fresh blood."

"yeah. that sentence has a 'but' right?"

"he? you mean?"

"you always tell me that sentence when you are grumbling about him. then you pause. after that, comes a phrase.."

"but I realize I would kill myself just to save him."

"yeah right. you should have known by then. stop being arrogant. didn't you realize what's your mistake when you both broke up?"

"I held my pride like I should have held him."

"there you go. if you guys are going back together, promise me you will treat him right. remember, what you give is what you get."

"if we are going back together."

"if you are going back together."▲


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