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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Long Post

Listening to “Young, Wild, And Free” by Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg ♫

This is gonna be a long long post. Be prepared ;-p

Okay now I am here sitting at Dunkin Donut, one of my fav places in every states beside umm Starbucks. I've been back to Depok, and my 4th semester has already started last two weeks :|

First, I am gonna talk about my IP. okaaaay 3rd semester's result is THE WORST RESULT SO FAR :""") now my IPK is only at 3,32 or somewhat hiks it has fallen down completely :") its like a slap in my face, remembering how much time I had spent at that period to work. you know, 3rd period was a pain the ass for me. broke up with mine, had to work to live, got sick, my uncle went blind, etc. because oll af that, on a lighter note, 3rd semester gave me too much lessons for my life :-) yeah true to say if I am now having the best patience I could have ever had. ANYWAY (easy baby -__-) I have a plan to raise up my GPA this semester! I have to raise it actually, I have a target of graduated from UI cummlaude :'''3

Second, I am gonna talk about my holiday :D I spent most of holiday working my ass off. Kelapa Gading-Bandung Super Mall-Senayan City-Sun Plaza Medan-Galeria Bali :D yeahuuu! here are some of the picss :3

with Melanie at Galeria Bali

Blue Point, Uluwatu, Bali

Blue Point. I am fat -_-

Embargo :3

Medan at night ;)

Me, Mitha, Chyca. Sency. Good times.

Me and Bella at Sukowati, Bali ;)

Well, we had a really good time :D and a good income hahaha :p yeah so I wont have to worry to search for jobs while I am having my 4th semester. plus, my fee is now not in my hand. he holds it for me, so, yeah, I cannot use it freely :''') 

Third, I didnt spent my whole holiday for work! I went to Jogja and Solo for just for two and three days. I went seeing all of those loved ones :D after almost a year I finally went out with Fidi and Anggi. its been a year loh :| anyway I finally went to Pandawa! its too bad I didnt take any photo there, only his photo

look at his cheek -____-

I miss Jogja, for sure, but I still have plenty of things to do here. plenty of jobs. these moneys aint enough, for me. they say I'm a workaholic, but its okay, as long as my life goes on :') I wonder do they know how hard this is for me? I mean, its like the weight of the world is on your shoulder. do they know how much I want to stop and go back to my world before I have to work but it kills me bcs I just cant? they are asking money easily from their parents, whether I have to earn it. some people might think I am way a hedonism since I go clubbing, buy branded clothes, eat at expensive restaurants, shut up people its my own money :p

Anywaaaay these recent days got me thinking about a lot of things, rethink about my old beliefs, question about my idealism. my own idealism. wrote this on UI station while waiting for my train:

Masih duduk menunggu kereta yang tak kunjung datang
Jari sudah kebas menggenggam tiket merah enam ribuan
Duduk menyaksikan langit sedari panas menusuk sampai petir menggelegar
Dan menikmati bunyi hujan yang perlahan jatuh
Bisa saja aku menaiki kereta lain, turun di suatu tempat lalu pindah sini turun situ sehingga akhirnya sampai di tujuan
Namun aku semacam terpaku
Masih lebih memilih menunggu kereta yang langsung mengantarkan ke tujuan
Kereta yang paling ditunggu namun paling lama datangnya
Untuk apa mencoba yang lain jika sudah dapat yang sesuai dengan keinginan dan tujuan?
Teman lain sudah beranjak namun aku masih duduk di stasiun
Menunggu kereta sambil menyaksikan hujan
Yang tak kunjung datang

I've been waiting for good things to come. no, good things to keep coming. I dont know, maybe if its written and ppl read it, my life seems pathetic, but I just cannot feel sad. it feels like I have got everything I want and I need, whether in fact its not that complete. feels like I have got enough money, the fact is I have to be prepared if my family asks for my money. my mom says that those jobs come from God bcs God wants me to help my family, so, yeaah. feels like I have him on my side, the fact is... we are friends. he says that to me, despite anything we have had since the day we began talking again. I dont know, we postpone to talk about this thing until we meet, but right now I dont really care. I was alright before he enters (again) but I have to admit, his presence makes everything seems okay. just like the feeling when we were still together. I dont know what God has been planning for me, for both of us, I dont know if tomorrow he finds another girl and leaves me, I also dont know if tomorrow I will find another man, or I'll just have the mood to accept these ppl :p I dont know why, it feels good to have him, no, to live life as I have him. to act like we are together again. yeah I know, seems like I am blinded by this but.... risk is okay. I choose to let him make me extremely happy, and able to make me feel extremely sad :")

Hey! Have I told you how I love Big Bang's Blue? Check! :D