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Sunday, January 15, 2012

I just have to choose

And I'll keep you a daydream away
Just watch from a safe place
So I never have to lose~

Its like, your idealism has been turned upside down. God really, really has a way of showing He's the Boss. one thing that I learn; no such thing as never. yeah, we better not talk about the future like we have clues. mine, too. my idealism has been..... I dont know, degrading? or, less-baldyhead? yeah I am a hell of baldyhead, I hardly change my point of view. I hardly change. even when I intend to change, it is still a hard thing to do. but likely, life has been messing around with me. 

first, I dont believe in second chance. people never change, do they? but turns out, I have found that second chance is not about changing, it is about bigger acceptance. so, second chance is for ourselves, actually. can we accept things greater than before? not because that douches 'I can change' yeah maybe, in a zillion possibilities of failure. 

second, I thought I will never ever ever accept some people's presences in my life again. but when they really showed themselves, those are different story. I dont know whether I'm not strong enough to stand in what I used to believe or it just is beyond my planning. hey, you, again, and again. it feels like, choosing to take the risk. do you want your life to be okay, just okay, or you want to be extremely happy yet knowing you can also be extremely sad? pick a boo, then. 

at least, lately, these days are great. thanks :)

future is way up there, no need to worry about what will happen. I will be just fine. just like I always have been. head first, heart later. yeah right :)

daydream away?

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