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Sunday, January 15, 2012

I just have to choose

And I'll keep you a daydream away
Just watch from a safe place
So I never have to lose~

Its like, your idealism has been turned upside down. God really, really has a way of showing He's the Boss. one thing that I learn; no such thing as never. yeah, we better not talk about the future like we have clues. mine, too. my idealism has been..... I dont know, degrading? or, less-baldyhead? yeah I am a hell of baldyhead, I hardly change my point of view. I hardly change. even when I intend to change, it is still a hard thing to do. but likely, life has been messing around with me. 

first, I dont believe in second chance. people never change, do they? but turns out, I have found that second chance is not about changing, it is about bigger acceptance. so, second chance is for ourselves, actually. can we accept things greater than before? not because that douches 'I can change' yeah maybe, in a zillion possibilities of failure. 

second, I thought I will never ever ever accept some people's presences in my life again. but when they really showed themselves, those are different story. I dont know whether I'm not strong enough to stand in what I used to believe or it just is beyond my planning. hey, you, again, and again. it feels like, choosing to take the risk. do you want your life to be okay, just okay, or you want to be extremely happy yet knowing you can also be extremely sad? pick a boo, then. 

at least, lately, these days are great. thanks :)

future is way up there, no need to worry about what will happen. I will be just fine. just like I always have been. head first, heart later. yeah right :)

daydream away?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

TV Shows

Pick your five favorite shows: 
1) How I Met Your Mother
2) Supernatural
3) Grey's Anatomy
4) Gossip Girl
5) Chuck

1. Who is your favorite character in 2?

2. Who is your least favorite character in 4?

3. What’s your favorite episode of 1?
This is hard nggg :|

4. What is your favorite season of 5?

5. What’s your favorite relationship in 3?
Izzie and her dead fiancee, sadly : (

6. Who is your anti relationship in 2?
Sam with the devil, uh forgot her name

7. How long have you watched 1?
A year?

8. How did you become interested in 3?
Fell in love at the first episode hahaha

9. Who is your favorite actor in 4?
Nate <3 

10. Which show do you prefer 1, 2, or 5?
Ewwww this is hard :s

11. Which show have you seen more episodes of 1 or 3?
I have seen Grey's a bit more

12. If you could be anyone from 4, who would you be?
Blair Waldorf

13. How would you kill off your favorite character in 1?
Torn Barney into pieces hahaa grrrr 

14. Would a 3/4 crossover work?
 I dont think so ._.

15. Pair two characters in 1 that would make an unlikely, but strangely okay couple.
Ted and Lily :P

16. Overall, which show has a better cast, 3 or 5?
Grey's :}

17. Which has better theme music, 2 or 4?
4 actually, Supernatural doesnt have much songs that I like


Yellow, 2012!

When she was just a girl, she expected the world
But it flew away from her reach so she ran away in her sleep 
and dreamed of para-para-paradise, para-para-paradise, para-para-paradise
Every time she closed her eyes

When she was just a girl, she expected the world
But it flew away from her reach and the bullets catch in her teeth 
Life goes on, it gets so heavy
The wheel breaks the butterfly 
Every tear's a waterfall 

In the night the stormy night she'll close her eyes
In the night the stormy night away she'd fly
And dreams of para-para-paradise para-para-paradise para-para-paradise

She'd dream of para-para-paradise para-para-paradise para-para-paradise

And so lying underneath those stormy skies
She'd say, "oh, ohohohoh I know the sun must set to rise"

Gosh I love this song :')

Hello 2012 :D hows your NYE? I was sleeping all the time ._. I'm not a big fan of NYE celebration (anymore) but I still like the idea of new start. those skeptic people say why should we wait for New Year to have a fresh start? umm well, sometimes, we need a moment to finally decide to have a fresh start. yeah, recovery takes time, true story. we sometimes let our guard fall down just to breathe, and it takes a moment to build up again. mind changing. yeah. I dont have any resolution yet for this year. when everyone seems to keen on finding what they wanna do with their life, I am busy living life. yeah I dont need resolution, since I know it all leads into a word; better. yeah every resolutions always lead into 'I wanna be a better me' so yeah, why busy creating sentences when all you wanna do is having a better life? whops, its me who is skeptic, isnt it? :'p

I'm happy now, all the people I had troubled with last year were now all okay. yeah misunderstanding leads to a cold war between me and Datu, but we are now just fine :D and surprisingly this noon me and my ex reconnected through ym for the first time after the cold break up. yeah, the ice has broken. friends now, mas oki? glad to finally be okay with you both :) aaaand also iPhone makes me and Thyta and Anin easier to reconnect with each other!! this is the highlight of my new phoneeee<3 I admit its been hard to cope up with them and I miss them to death :( but finally tadaaaa! hello whatsapp, we meet again, in a good way, dont ruin it for the 3rd time okay? :')

So, surprise me 2012 ;)▲