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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 is a BITCH

▼well this year has been sucha bitch.

well, started from a failed new year celebration because my ex (at that time, my boyf) was mad at me I have guessed that this year will end badly. its not that I have such a bad ending for 2011, its whats ended at this year that irritates me most.

I had my first broken heart this year.

Well, its not that bad. its not that screwed as I imagined before, but it hurt. after 14 months we finally broke up. what I saw was the most hurtful phase from a break up was not the post-break up (well, for me) but the time when it came the the break up. the fights. the tears. the strives. the dilemmas. the screwed mind. the time when I had to choose whether to give up or trying harder. then I gave up. I gave us up. I walked away. but thanks, for giving me chances to try, I walked away with no hard feeling now knowing that at least I had tried :-)

Actually there are others 'I had my first' time this year, the sweet ones, that I got from my ex. like the first time a boy cried for me :p the first time we had a vacation to another city together, the first time I slept with my boyfie (literally, sleeping. dont misunderstand this sentence -_-) the first time I let someone walked in, the first time I had a one year relationship. well, thankyou for those sweet moments :-)

Move on to another facts. Hmm.

I am paying my own life rite now.

Yeaaah its been months since my parents gave me money to live. I have started to work my ass off. and it feels awesome to have your own money for living. Alhamdulillah :'D

Boys come and go, I havent got the intention for settling down again. but I dont say I am not enjoying this  pattern uhuk skip skip skip hahaha!

Well, I'm in love with my colleagues. they are just awesome. awesomely awesome. we had two big events this year, and I was the conceptor for both -_- but it turned awesome! yeaah awesome college is awesome :P

Anyway, winning iPhone could be one of my highlight in 2011 :P

2011 has given me too much lessons. also a lot of hellos and goodbyes. I thank them who stay :--)

Screw. I dont have much to say hahahaha yeaaaah I have been starring at my laptop but I just dont know what to type! well whatever. blah. looks like I'm gonna continue watching HMIYM this whole night :9

Bye 2011. You are such a bitch :3 Thanks for the lessons! Now I have another chapter to face :D▲