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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


▼I want to blog

I dont know what I want to write here, but it feels like blogging tonite. lets just talk about my present, eh?

Hufffft hahahaha *belom belom udah sesek* *biasa ajasih*

As you know, I've been single for almost one months. sounds like it is. these months are just fab, I'm telling you. doesnt mean I dont cherish those taken months, but I would never knew if single would feel this DANG GOOD meheheh :B

I am just being back to the old me, yeah more or less. I spent two years in our circle, so now? it does smell different. thanks God it is freaking good :'''3

I have no intention to know anything about you, tho. I mean it when I say I owe you an apology, but right na I havent put up with that yet. dont intend to do that either, so, yeaaah~ f you hahahaha >:p

I am loving myself. and it feels awesome :-)


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