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Monday, November 21, 2011

Best men of mine

▼Sometimes, we just forget what we have got in our hands because we're too busy falling for them who were leaving us.

So it was one night when I changed my profile picture in FB. I used mini dress. for me, it wasnt that mini cz maybe I am getting used of those kind of clothes, have seen worse hahaha but nevertheless, I changed it then I didnt check my FB anymore. hours later, I opened a notification from FB which stated

"Muhammad Iqbal Jayadi posted on your Wall."

And I saw him posted a meme from 9gag which was bursting. I commented on that photo said 'kamu ngapain sik bal ._.' and he answered 'baru nyadar sama profpicmu. ganti ah' then he y!m-ed me and said stuffs, but then I quoted him 

'oke aku seneng liat cewe pake gitu, tapi jangan temenku -__-'

I was like, geez, I have this bestfriend.

Then at the same time I was on skype with Maman. I talked to him 'ndut masa iqbal nyuruh aku ganti profpic emang profpicku gitu banget ya hmm' he suddenly said

'na ganti deh fotomu. aduuuh. aku takut e. aku takut kamu kenapa-kenapa. bukannya aku ga percaya kamu ga bisa jaga diri. cuma aku beneran takut kamu kenapa-kenapa. udah gausah kerja kaya gitu lagi. udah besok liburan pulang aja ke jogja, gausah kerja disana. aku beneran takut kamu kenapa-kenapa.'


Then, I also have Fidi on bbm. you know how easy bbm makes us to communicate is, right? before this we usually talked at y!m, he is that kind of friends you see in the most impossible time. once I called him in the middle of the night, about 1 am, since my mind is so screwed I could not sleep without talking to anyone :|

Adhya includes! haha he is annoyingly loveable :* and he is a nocturnal either, so I could chat with in such an impossible time like at shubuh or somewhat -___- at Jogja, he also accompanies me just to eat and wifi-ing somewhere. when he says 'I'm happy, I hope you are happy too so we could be happy together' :''''''''''''' I'm praying for you, dhya! fighting!! :P

And its not fair if I dont talk about Bonci. usually, he looks into my face and just sits there beside me and asking 'jadi gimana miiiiiih' then I talk. he also accompanies me almost everywhere. when I get lonely at friday night, when I want to watch movies, when I have an interview, he is there for me, along with Caca, yeah we are like three hottest single people on FIB B"> whenever I want to skip class, he always says 'udah mimi jangan bolos lagi ya jangan skip kelas lagi yak' then it reminds me of my presence since we are taking the same classes this period -_-

I still have another best men of my life, like Iza who loves to give me surprise like a random text 'hai medina lagi apa kamu gimana kuliahnya?' in the middle of a hot day in Depok .__. Abbi, who notices if I update something sad and usually bbm me 'naya kenapaaaaa :3' or Galih who is ready to give me brutal shots of truth :''''''''''' also, there goes Firman who usually accompanies me eating at Kutek. whenever I dont want to eat alone, there goes a PING!!! and 'man temenin gue makan yuk' and so many I cant mention one by one.

Its just, just because one person has left, doesnt mean another will. They stick, they are my best best bestfriend. They are my best men in the whole dang stupid world. who accept. who listen. who care. the most important, who stay eventho they know I'm sucha sarcastic egocentric selfish bitch. Men arent all jerk, they prove it, I love them <3▲


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


▼I want to blog

I dont know what I want to write here, but it feels like blogging tonite. lets just talk about my present, eh?

Hufffft hahahaha *belom belom udah sesek* *biasa ajasih*

As you know, I've been single for almost one months. sounds like it is. these months are just fab, I'm telling you. doesnt mean I dont cherish those taken months, but I would never knew if single would feel this DANG GOOD meheheh :B

I am just being back to the old me, yeah more or less. I spent two years in our circle, so now? it does smell different. thanks God it is freaking good :'''3

I have no intention to know anything about you, tho. I mean it when I say I owe you an apology, but right na I havent put up with that yet. dont intend to do that either, so, yeaaah~ f you hahahaha >:p

I am loving myself. and it feels awesome :-)


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

As if by magic~

Emerging from my world
Imagine living in a box
And I won't come out
Until I've broken all the locks
Slurring all my words
Until something sticks
But in this smoky universe
My mind keeps playing tricks

And although, you're the only home I know
As if by magic, thoughts of you are gone
And now, I'm keeping my head in the clouds
And it's not so tragic if I don't look down

Submerging from your world
And back into my bliss
A day rolled into one
Is burning on my lips
Blurring all your words
Until they don't exist
And in a parallel universe
It's me you can't resist

And although, you're the only home I'd ever know
As if by magic, thoughts of you are gone
And now, I'm keeping my head in the clouds
And it's not so tragic if I don't look down~