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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


▼I looked back to somewhere in the first 2010, when I decided to let go of you.
I looked back to those posts.
You said that us were like a circle; yet life is so much more than have to run in the same circle.

Did you even notice?
That I had been on our circle way much longer than you had.

I pray for things to be different. Last time, you were gone, you were with someone else, I was hurt. I had tried to open my heart to someone else who was, no, is, waaay much nicer than you (right, Tita? I bet you agree :p) but you came, again, then you had me, again.

This time, I dont know if you are with someone else alrd or not (no matter what, I still hate you both :)) :p) but I pray for things to change. I am tired, I am so tired. I have just realized how tired I am after I became so angry with you.

God has to put mercy on us.
Eh, no.
God has to put mercy on me. Dont care abt y.▲


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