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Monday, August 22, 2011

Quickie thankie :---3

This was the highlight of my day back then. You know what? You gusy are sucha blessings. I love you, soooo much. Physically apart, but forever in the heart right? Lovelovelovessssssss ♥

---------------happy first anniversary anyway R :p---------------------



▼Sometimes I just feel this, I dont understand whats really going on and whether its right or wrong; I tried so hard to understand thru several arguments and moments but I just failed; but neither way I just keep on going because I still want this to goes on.

Sometimes I just feel this. its tiring to be mad for such same reason to a same person; always has been the same; and I feel myself changing inch to inch because of the condition which doesnt change. By means, yeah I'm getting used to, I'm getting numb. Tho actually, the pain stays.

Sometimes I just feel this, its okay to wreck each other's heart because, still, we do have each other's heart. the pain is bearable, than the pain of a goodbyes.

There are just these times, and these feelings.▲