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Saturday, July 9, 2011

second kind of challenges

▼me knows its so cheesy fillin out this blog with these quests and challenges but yeaaah :p
I've got it from my friend's tumblr. it should be 30 quests, but they havent answered the last fifteen quests yet ;)
so this should be a 30 days challenge, but I'll have those fifteen written today all in three posts ;)

Day 1: Your name and his/her name
Medina Rachma Lea. Rizky Hani Febrianto.

Day 2: Your ages
Same age, 19 on 2011. He turned 19 last Feb, and I will turn 19 next month, yeah rite when this challenge is done :p

Day 3: Your locations
We come from Yogyakarta, but he is studying at UNS, Solo, and me at UI, Depok. I know its just a one hour flight but it seems so hard to catch up :"
Day 4: How did you meet?

Twitter, ha. yea feel free to laugh =____= that was our first time indirect conversation. well I remembered one day I opened my FB's account and there's a fr from him, it was my 10 or 11 grade :| and I asked Alifa 'looks like I've known his name, familliar, any idea?' and she answered 'ooh that was my jhs' mate, and also my neighbor, probably you've heard it from Anin' and then I remembered he was my es' friend's lover and Anin talked much abt him wokwok
then it was.. uhm.. nearly fasting month in 2009 I supposed. somewhere between August. we talked much about this but I insist he followed me first then when I checked my followers' list I've seen his name and his tweet about distro's discount and then RT-ed it bcs I also wanted to go thereee! his vers was I was a stranger who RTed his tweet, cih I dont do random tweeting with strangersss wek :p at that time, he used to be my bestfriend's friend's lover whom actually was in the same jhs as me. we had a hard time back then when we were still be friends, some ppl had mistaken abt us, abt what was us. we were friends :) then he went with his world and so am I but I guess we still contacted each other, I mean, yea as a friend :/ honestly I dont really remember when did we start to get closer.. we just did :| no point of asking him, he has a short term mem =_= 
ah! but we had our official meeting when he came to me someday at Subha, sucha creepy coincidence uhuk :p

Day 5 : Since when have you been together? 

11 months for today ;;) look at my blog's footer anw ehe ehe▲ 


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