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Friday, July 8, 2011


▼reblog from Ruth

  • Shoe Size: 39-40.

  • Sexual Orientation: Straight

  • Do you Smoke? Nah

  • Do you Drink? Nah

  • Do you Take Drugs? Yes if it is a need

  • Age you get mistaken for: Hi sch, eh? Ha :P

  • Have Tattoos? Nah

  • Want any tattoos? Yea

  • Got any Piercings? Yea

  • Want any piercings? One more

  • Best friend? Much

  • Relationship status: Taken :3

  • Biggest turn ons: Music, Firework, Vacation

  • Biggest turn offs: Bugs, Amphibi, Papaya

  • Favorite Movie: TMTM

  • I’ll love you if: You love me 

  • Someone you miss: Uhuk

  • Most traumatic experience: Almost die? ehe

  • A fact about your personality: Unpredictable

  • What I hate most about myself: My appetite :"

  • What I love most about myself: Myself ;p

  • What I want to be when I get older: Creative Director

  • My relationship with my sibling(s): Yea he loves me

  • My relationship with my parents: Not that kind of keluarga cemara thingir

  • My idea of a perfect date: Somewhere private and pwwetty which I've never been before <3

  • My biggest pet peeves: Mmh

  • A description of the girl/boy I like: Him? Schooo heartbreaker? Yea that kind of guy :p

  • A description of the person I dislike the most: Who mess with me and who interupt my life, gth

  • A reason I’ve lied to a friend: Because I love them *repost

  • What I hate the most about school/college: The marks, the exams, the tasks

  • What my last text message says: "Iyaaaa"

  • What words upset me the most: "You're not good enough"

  • What words make me the best about myself: Moody, sarcastic, cute? :p

  • A wish that I’ve wished for repeatedly on 11:11: Koke misses me?

  • What I find attractive in boys: Random

  • Where I would like to live: Anywhere insteresting

  • One of my insecurities: Easily get disappointed

  • My childhood career choice: Witch

  • My favorite ice cream: B&J's

  • Who I wish I could be: None

  • Where I want to be right now: In his hug #alah

  • The last thing I ate: Snack biting ._.

  • Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately: Hayden C<3

  • A random fact about anything: I'm sleepy

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