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Saturday, July 9, 2011


Day 6: What is the most random thing you know abt him/her?

what? hngg :| he hates bugs and durian

Day 7: How do you communicate with each other? 

text. phone call. twitter/fb/ym. anw hon pls use yer skype :p

Day 8: Favorite thing you’ve given him/her?

Idk, you better ask him ehe :B

Day 9: Favorite thing she/he has given you?

Aw thats a secret ahahaha mmh okay, his email? uhuk

Day 10: Favorite thing about him/her?

Actually I love anything about him :$ cheesy flirty but its trueee wek :p but if I have to mention one of my favs... it has to be his hug! I love falling asleep on his hug, esp when I lay my head on his shoulder. He's tall and has a wide upper so I just love it when he hugs me and covers me body with his long and big hug! I wish I could formulate the feeling of being hugged by him so that I could bottled it and I would make it as my aspirine when we are separated. 

I love you xxx▲

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