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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Photos' Challenge 1 outta 15

1 – A picture of yourself with ten facts about you

10 facts about me :
a. I am sucha moody bitch
b. I talk sarcastic
c. I got myself used on ppl's eyes staring over from head to toe
d. I find it hard to change decisions
e. I sometimes dislike some ppl with no exact reason
f. My mom told me I am a combination of Garfield and Kungfu Panda's Po. For me, I am more to... sweet nice fairy :"
g. Ppl around me most of times cannot handle my cute expression #dzing
h. I love anonimity, so much
i. I hate ppl outside my box who is gluing my life, die you fuckahz
j. I have my own perspective that sometimes even my closest person doesnt understand 


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