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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


the picture was taken on Burger King, Citos. look at his face uu uuu uuuuu

second period has just over, and I am at Jogja already. he picked me up :3 so it was tuesday when he went to Depok. I was nervous of him bcs he never went to anywhere by himself! I mean, somewhere faraway! he also never gotten himself into public transportation. as far as I remember, he only used car and bus (for school's vacay) and he calmed me not to worry about him. oh yeah, how eazeh *bite* we went to Jogja together by bus, and now he already went back to solo uuuu he left me here :'''< 

sadly I cannot join IKMI's gathering which means.. I wont be part of them :''') it saddens me, but I cannot do anything when it goes to parents. I remember those hard time we went thru.... PK&GTB.. but lets be heartfelt *chin-up :'''''')

I really wanna work and make money for this looooooooooong holiday BUT PARENTS Y U NO ALLOW? =_________= whats so bad about working somewhere at cafe or somewhat places? I want to make my own money, which one is the bad side? hiks 

Jogja is burning anyway.

▼▲ ►N

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