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Saturday, June 25, 2011

2,3,4 outta 15~

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Photos' Challenge 1 outta 15

1 – A picture of yourself with ten facts about you

10 facts about me :
a. I am sucha moody bitch
b. I talk sarcastic
c. I got myself used on ppl's eyes staring over from head to toe
d. I find it hard to change decisions
e. I sometimes dislike some ppl with no exact reason
f. My mom told me I am a combination of Garfield and Kungfu Panda's Po. For me, I am more to... sweet nice fairy :"
g. Ppl around me most of times cannot handle my cute expression #dzing
h. I love anonimity, so much
i. I hate ppl outside my box who is gluing my life, die you fuckahz
j. I have my own perspective that sometimes even my closest person doesnt understand 


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


the picture was taken on Burger King, Citos. look at his face uu uuu uuuuu

second period has just over, and I am at Jogja already. he picked me up :3 so it was tuesday when he went to Depok. I was nervous of him bcs he never went to anywhere by himself! I mean, somewhere faraway! he also never gotten himself into public transportation. as far as I remember, he only used car and bus (for school's vacay) and he calmed me not to worry about him. oh yeah, how eazeh *bite* we went to Jogja together by bus, and now he already went back to solo uuuu he left me here :'''< 

sadly I cannot join IKMI's gathering which means.. I wont be part of them :''') it saddens me, but I cannot do anything when it goes to parents. I remember those hard time we went thru.... PK&GTB.. but lets be heartfelt *chin-up :'''''')

I really wanna work and make money for this looooooooooong holiday BUT PARENTS Y U NO ALLOW? =_________= whats so bad about working somewhere at cafe or somewhat places? I want to make my own money, which one is the bad side? hiks 

Jogja is burning anyway.

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