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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Get The Beatles has just over.

Those two superb days were just over couple of days ago, left me stranded on my bed trying to get my health back. If my life is just like Left4Dead, now I'd be in that condition, 10 last health, vision is blurry and lost the color, unable to move a bit. The difference is I wont get any injection, forget that -_-
I got sick from D-Day. I got sore throat from...... Monday? and I still had my voice on Tuesday but I lost it for about 50% on Wed. It got worse on Thurs, and now... worst. It has completely gone! What a nice weekend eh? :''}

My job was handling the music event, which was held on 2nd day, Thursday, but then Dani was unable to come on time on her duty's day so I had to take over the 1st day also. Overall, GTB was AWESOME! Yeaaa it went way much better than I had expected! I dont know in what way I should tell you if it worked uber-well, but trust me it did :P

Speaking of my duty, we (me-runsid-fajar) invited 11 bands (actually they asked us ;p) with The Banery as our GS. Geez how could they be sooooooooo charming? They cooperated effin well with us, if we look back of the cost we paid em ._. I'm in love with them! I also involve myself as a Beatlemania which is The Beatles' fan. GEEZ THE BEATLES IS A TRRRRRULY LEGENDDDDDDD! lovelovelove

I guess thats all I wanna write bcs now.. in all of a sudden... I lost my mood :D nuff said, byebye!


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