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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weird me ._.

Recently, Ive been soo weird. I mean, I am doing things I havent done before. Idk whether.. ah I just dont know ._.

1. Ive been watching a lot of Korean recently .___.
yea I used to laugh these things out but.... now I even have some of their vidclips and dramas and movies ._. I love how they dance, despite of their 'gayness' because of their costume they are actually good at dancing (I wish I can dance Lucifer!) and singing. Ive been watching Super Junior, SHINee, 2pm, and Ive attached into some of em which are.. Kyuhyun, Teukie, Minho, Key, Nickhun, Wooyoung, GRR I cant believe I am now mentioning those ._____. I love their movies, too. I have seen Dream High, My Princess, Wedding Dress (and shed TOO MUCH TEARS for wed.dress =.=) haha yeaah I cried too much even he confused and panic, sowwy bby :p

2. I ate noodles w/o cooking it :|
I did this when I was younger, I know its not healthy, the instant noodles itself isnt healthy either, but I sometime get too lazy to turn off the AC and prepare and cook and yeah, stuffs. I'm sucha lazeboneh u,u I know. I should really stop, I know U,U

3. I sleep hardly
THIS ONE TORTURES SO EFFIN MUCH I tell you =__= it goes like this; I sleep early, 9/10/11 pm, I will be awaken at 3/4 am and find it hard to get back to sleep. I sleep late, 12/1 am, I find it hard to be awake (mm not this hyp, to be honest :p) and if I take a nap, I will be awake till 3/4 am =______=

4. I miss my boyf so much I cant handle
(eh? this one has been my daily routine since couple of months ago anw, its not a weird thing hahaha)

Anyway, currently listening to Christina Grimmie. Check her ! She's hot !


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