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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

you aint woman enough

You've come to tell me something
You say I ought to know
That he don't love me any more
And I'll have to let him go

You say you're gonna take him
But I don't think you can
Cause you ain't woman enough
To take my man

Women like you they're a dime a dozen
You can buy 'em anywhere

For you to get to him
I'd have to move over
And I'm gonna stand right here

It'll be over my dead body
So get out while you can
'Cause you ain't woman enough
To take my man

Sometimes a man's caught lookin'
At things that he don't need
He took a second look at you
But he's in love with me
Well, I don't know where that leaves you
Ah, but I know where I stand
And you ain't woman enough
To take my man

No, you ain't woman enough t
o take my man

its Paramore - You Aint Woman Enough (Cover Loretta Lynn) song and GOSH I just LOVE this song :3

p.s : click on the title of this post to download the song!


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